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Embroidered Or Chenille – Which Is Ideal For Scout Patches?

Embroidered Or Chenille – Which Is Ideal For Scout Patches?

You can’t think of boy scouts or girl scouts without also thinking about the colorful custom patches that adorn their uniforms. These badges are what make the clothing of those bright, keen scouts so unique and well-known around the world.

If you're looking to design and order customized scout patches for your club, the first question that comes to mind is: what kind of patch to choose?

When it comes to scout patches—whether we are talking about cub scouts or Girl/Boy Scouts of America—there are two common types of patches. As you may have guessed, these are embroidered and chenille patches.

Let’s visit what a traditional scout patch comprises—and thus what kind of patch is better suited for designing yours!

Embroidered vs Chenille – The Perfect Pick For Scout Patches?

Before we head into the debate for embroidered vs chenille, you need to know the basics of scout patches—what they feature and the importance of different kinds of scout patches.

The patches you see on the khaki uniforms (that of boy or girl scouts) or navy blue uniforms (belonging to cub scouts) are more than just affirmations for learning a skill. The patches that scouts earn before they complete any skills include patches bearing the name, den number, and country and state flags.

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As far as skills go, scouts learn and get credit for taking part in a wide array of subjects and activities, from crafts to horsemanship to coin collection. The design for each kind of patch, whether we are talking about chenille or embroidered patches, has to be unique.

Moreover, it has to be detailed—not just to show what the badge is about but to emphasize what makes the patch important for a scout. This means adding fine details to the patch.

Then there are patches that highlight any milestones. These may have to be earned or may simply be awarded at the time of membership.

For instance, anniversary patches and patches for special events are also placed on scout uniforms. These feature much finer details than merit patches, usually comprising lettering that takes up nearly all of the patch background.

Lowdown On The Ideal Scout Patch

Knowing what goes into custom scout patches is essential because what kind of patch you choose will affect the outcome. When comparing embroidered vs chenille, consider the following features of both custom embroidered and chenille patches with respect to designing scout patches.


Embroidered patches for scout patches are crafted by stitching the design onto the patch using a weaving motion. The result is an intricate array of different colors and patterns formed with threads. In chenille patches for scout patches, the yarn is stitched using the down-up method, and the resulting look and texture are that of a coarse rug.

Verdict: Embroidered patches are a clear winner when it comes to clarity! However, you can still pick Chenille as your choice for scout patches. One of the facts about chenille patches is that these are ideal—even a better choice over embroidered patches—when there’s little to no lettering just simple artwork.

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When we compare embroidered patches and chenille patches for scout patches, the main similarity is that each used yarn. However, how these use yarn matters when you're counting the material used up.

Chenille uses less yarn. Embroidered patches are the result of stitching weaving patterns, which means a more condensed use of thread...though it may not even look like it. With chenille patches, the slightly "fluffy" texture means more volume of air packed in with the thread that helps give off that bulky look. It’s no surprise that most people prefer to represent sports team with chenille patches, as even larger letterman jacket patches are relatively cost-effective.

Verdict: Chenille patches are the cheaper option, though the difference is not exactly massive.

Tip: You usually order scout patches in bulk, and the ease of doing so includes getting bulk discounts. However, if you're designing custom patches for a scout club with a small number of members, go for patch manufacturers who can provide you with a low minimum order policy and fair rates.


How can you apply embroidered patches on scout clothing and accessories? By stitching, ironing on, or using Velcro backing for temporary scout badges.

On the other hand, how do you attach chenille patches to scout apparel? Same as the methods mentioned above for embroidered patches for scout patches!

Verdict: You get various options for applying both embroidered and chenille patches for scout patches. We’ll call this a tie!


Embroidered patches are classic patches, used for everything from adding logos to branded T-shirts to custom artwork for scout sash patches. When it comes to discussing embroidered vs chenille in terms of what has more uses, embroidered patches do appear to cover a broader range.

However, chenille patches are not far behind. Over the past few years, what once was embroidered patch territory only now welcomes chenille patches too. Take embroidery patch vs. chenille patch for biker's club; embroidered patches are easier to apply on both leather and denim well, but chenille patches have a vibrancy that embroidered patches can’t match.

Verdict: Both kinds of patches are versatile enough to be considered for scout patches, especially since the patch technology is now more refined and results in patches that are easier to apply and maintain (read how to clean your custom embroidered patches for tips).

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