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Woven Patch vs Embroidered Patch - Which One Is More Durable?

There are two types of branding patches, woven patch, and embroidered patch. These patches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Both types are made differently, have different looks, and price variance. If you are struggling to select between these two, then have a look woven patch vs embroidered patch to decide which will be the right choice for you

Text Clarity.

Embroidered patches have fewer text designing options. Block fonts in capitals letters of ¼ inch will work great for embroidered patches.

Color Blends

In embroidered patches, threads can be used in multiple levels that make them more appealing by giving them a blended effect. In woven patches, multiple-colored threads can be used into a small space which gives the effect of color grading.

Small Details

Embroidered patches do not allow fine detailing because thick threads are used in stitching. However, embroidery percentage and various stitch direction can give special effects, which can not be achieved in woven patches, Thinner threads are used in woven patches that allow for extremely fine detailing. Additionally, The weaving process is tighter which allows adding of more details


Embroidered patches can have different dimensions as it stitched on the base fabric. It gives a denser look to patches than woven patches Woven patches use single thread-level without any base fabric that makes them look flatter and thin as compared to the embroidered patches.


Embroidery patches are usually stitched with stronger and thicker thread into a cotton base fabric that gives them more longevity and stability than woven patches. Woven patches are usually stitched with thinner thread without the base fabric to support them. Their stability is less than the embroidery patches. The final decision is totally yours either you choose an embroidered patch or woven patch. But consider a woven patch if there are small details in your design, and if you want a rugged patch then go for an embroidered patch. I am sure the difference between woven patch vs embroidered patch is clear now!