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FAQS Elegant Patches

1. How to place an order?

Fill out our form with all of the details regarding your order, and we'll get back to you with a custom patch quote. Also, make sure to upload a reference image so that we would have clear requirements; thus we can quote you accordingly.

2. What is your requirement for minimum order?

Elegant Patches is glad to announce that there is no minimum order requirement, which means you may order as few as one patch or as many as you want!

3. Do you offer a Free Prototype?

Yes. We do. It's only a free sample to reassure our consumers about their expected quality.

4. How many products does the company offer?

We offer Embroidered, chenille, leather, sublimated, PVC, woven patches, custom hats, metal coins, Embroidered and PVC keychains.

5. Do you offer advanced service?

We offer advanced services that use technology to create attractive designs of exceptional quality. Our team of creative and experienced experts converts raster images to vector illustrators with precision.

6. What categories do we provide in vector art line services?

We offer Vector Line Drawing, Vector Artwork Drawing, Vector Product Drawing, Vector Logo Drawing, Vector Character Design (2d &3d), Vector Image Redrawing, Non-Vector Color Separation, Vector Floor Plan Drawing.

7. Do you have the option to cancel the order?

Unfortunately, No! You will not be able to cancel it once your order has been placed.

8. Do you offer quality assurance?

We never compromise on quality at Elegant Patches, and we'd like to keep that tradition going. All embroidery patches orders placed online are thoroughly inspected for quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

9. Will my order arrive on time?

Primarily, your location determines the shipment time, we can use expedited services to ensure that your order arrives on time. You may rest assured that you'll be dealing with a reputable company that values punctuality.

10. How to pay for my order?

We have a safe and secure order form that you can use to send your data information. Payment can be made using your PayPal account, credit card, or bank transfer.

11. Do you charge for shipping?

Our pricing includes shipping and handling costs, so don’t worry about hidden charges.

12. Will I be able to see a sample of the patch before placing my order?

Yes, we can send you a digital sew sample through email once you place an order, and once you accept it, we will begin production.

13. What type of formats of art files do you accept?

We provide state-of-the-art vector services. Vector redraw services are divided into several kinds. JPG, PNG, PDF, TFF, and other image formats to vector conversion are the most common.

14. How many types of backings do you offer?

We offer Peel and stick, Velcro (hook and loop), iron-on (heat seal), sew on.