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Custom Sew on Patches

Of the various backing options available for patches here at Elegant Patches, the most sought-after customization is personalized sew on patches, preferred for their unmatched versatility.

Whether you need a customized patch for branding purposes, to elevate a piece of clothing or an accessory, or to refurbish an old belonging, custom sew on patches—also known as backless patches—are easy to work with. The highlight feature of sew-on backing in patches is that it works with ANY kind of patch.

Ordering embroidered patches for biker jackets? Sew on patches are easy to apply. Need chenille patches for sports jerseys? You can rely on sew on patches to give you a snag-free finished look. Have a leather patch to apply to your line of hand-painted jeans? Sew on patches are the smart option, as stitching is the only way that doesn’t affect the integrity of leather!

Bottom line—sew on clothes patches or accessories patches are unbelievably convenient.

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Chenille Patch Design

Why Elegant Patches for Custom Sew-On Patches?

Do you want to personalize your clothing line with your brand logo displayed in a stylish and practical way? Or do you need emblems made to add to uniforms? Custom patches are the popular solution—but that’s not all. How do you choose your manufacturers for converting your design, your vision for standout patches, into reality—and exceed your expectations?

Elegant Patches has got you covered! Our team of graphic designers and patch artists have years of experience tackling every kind of custom patch—and every kind of backing that goes with those patches. We can customize sew on patches any way you prefer, delivering the finest quality, vivid colors, guaranteed durability, and, of course, customer service that leaves you with no qualms or concerns!

The beauty of sew on backing is that it works with all patches we offer: embroidered, woven, chenille, PVC, leather, and sublimation patches. So, go ahead and place your order!

Patches That Withstand Use

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest industry standards when it comes to the quality and durability of our sew-on patches. No type of patch order or the given artwork is too daunting for our seasoned patch technicians to execute to perfection. Our team employs only quality materials and equipment to replicate a digital image into a real one in the form of a patch.

Complete Patch Assistance

Need assistance selecting or creating artwork that reflects your brand's value or perfectly encapsulates the art idea you've had? Want an update on an ongoing order? Or do you have questions about the care and maintenance of sew on clothes patches? Our customer service is here for you, prompt and professional!

Affordable Rates, Low Minimum

It does not have to cost the Earth to order a bunch of personalized sew on patches! We cater to individual artists and SMEs by keeping our rates reasonable. With additional incentives such as free quotes, low minimum order requirements for approval, and discounts on bulk orders, Elegant Patches is your one-stop shop for custom patches at fair rates.

Fast Shipping All Over

Elegant Patches offers shipping throughout the U.S. Best of all, we take the minimum possible time to process and deliver custom sew on patches. Since we have a large facility equipped with top-of-the-line patch technology manned by an amazing staff, we are able to fulfill orders efficiently without compromising quality.

Chenille Patch Design

How to Place An Order For Custom Sew-On Patches

Sew on patches are suitable for nearly every purpose, every kind of business or artist who needs to showcase their personalized logo, emblems, symbols, or other artwork. To top it off, placing an order for these with Elegant Patches is fairly simple!

Step 1: Graphic Designing For Patch

Select artwork for custom sew on patch. Make sure you're choosing the right colors and patterns for the type of patch you need. Also, high-resolution images are preferred for the best results; low-quality images are not ideal as there should be sufficient clarity for the computer software to process the design impeccably.

Chenille Patch Design
Chenille Patch Design

Step 2: Choose Patch Type

When ordering custom sew on patches from Elegant Patches, you’ve got a good range of patches laid out for making your choice: embroidered, woven, chenille, sublimation, PVC, and leather patches. All of these are compatible with backless patches, so customize sew on patches without worries!

Step 3: Specify Shape & Size

Once again, sewed on patches are flexible—and this time, we're talking about shapes and sizes. Of course, you still need to make sure the size is ideal for the patch type too. For instance, chenille patches should be at least 2 inches in width and height for precision.

Chenille Patch Design
Chenille Patch Design

Step 4: How Many Patches?

At Elegant Patches, we have a low minimum order limit, depending on what type of patches you order. We recommend you get a bulk quantity if you expect the need for more patches in the same design in the future, as you will make considerable savings!

Step 5: Submit Design & Details

Fill out the form on our website, and add the image file for custom sew on patch. We will get back to you promptly with a quote to confirm your order. Once the order is finalized, wait for your digitized sample and your final order!

Chenille Patch Design

What Makes Custom Sew On Patches Useful?

Sew on patches hold an esteemed place in the world of custom patches, leading over both iron on patches and Velcro patches for a number of distinct reasons.

First, stitching a patch onto a piece of clothing or accessory guarantees that it’s latched on well. You don't have to worry about the patch coming off in the wash or being peeled off during rough handling. While we assure you our iron on patches and Velcro patches are no less adequate when it comes to attaching ability, we do agree that machine-embroidered sew on patches are ideal when you need patches for sports jerseys that face tussles and falls, for totes that you use every day, or for tactical gear that faces the harsh wind, water, and other weather elements.

Custom sew on patches stand their ground no matter what—provided you go with quality sewing work, of course! We recommend you choose professional stitching for business and other formal uses to ensure the integrity and durability of your sew on patches, no matter what you use these on.

Jeans & Jackets

Custom sew-on patches are the perfect choice for jeans and jackets. Jacket patches are typically large, especially biker club patches or patches to represent a sports team. In either case, sew on patches for jackets are ideal. The same goes for jeans; one of the most-worn items of clothing, jeans face wear and tear faster than any other article of apparel. Hence, sew on patches are the way to go!

Caps, Hats, & Bags

When you have tricky, multi-textured surfaces such as that of a cap or bag to work with--, iron-on and Velcro patches may not fare as well as sewed on patches when it comes to longevity and great appearance. Moreover, if the intended surface is a non-fabric bag—such as a PU leather bag—then sewing the patch on is your only practical option.

Uniform Patches

For daily-use formal use patches such as uniforms for school, colleges, business staff, retail teams, and so on, sew on patches are ideal. You want a clean application and a strong one too—so that multiple laundry cycles do not make the patch come off. Sew on clothes patches may require some effort at first, but they are no-fuss patches in the long run.

Custom Sew on Patches FAQs

Why Us

Q: Why should I choose sew-on patches over other backings?

When it comes to application, sew on patches are the most durable. They are also compatible with a multitude of surfaces, fabric and non-fabric, clothing and accessories.

Q: Do you offer stitching services for sew-on patches?

No, at the current time, we do not offer any stitching purposes. However, our customer services can offer you information regarding the application of your custom patches, should you need any guidance.

Q: Is it better to hand stitch or machine stitch custom patches?

It depends on your budget and the surface you need patches on. For branding purposes, such as adding patches for a line of shirts, professional machine stitching is ideal. Hand stitching is ideal for complex surfaces such as bags, hats, and caps.

Q: Are custom sew on patches safe to wash?

It depends on the type of patch. Generally, fabric patches such as embroidered, chenille, or woven sew-on patches are safe to wash. If you have machine-embroidered sew on patches, you don’t have to worry about these coming off.

Q: How many days in advance should I place my order?

We take 5-7 days to process your patch order. Shipping time depends on your state and area. We recommend you place your order at least 15 days prior to when you need these.

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