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Custom Sublimation Patches

When it comes to custom patches for clothing, you've got a world of options to choose from. But when you scour the lot to find the kind of patches that replicate your design to perfection, dye sublimation patches are absolutely fantastic!

Sublimation patches—also known as, sublimated patches, or printed patches—showcase detailed colors and an incomparable vivid finish. Therefore, consider using color patches to showcase your brand's logo or even convert personal artwork into a valued project for creating customized clothing or accessories for your loved ones.

At Elegant Patches, we’ve discovered that custom sublimated patches have become a popular choice among brands who order custom patches online. We guarantee that no matter what design or colors are present in your image file, we'll produce patches with amazing appearance that are sure to be cherished. We can convert any kind of image—even complete photographs—into sublimated patches.

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Why Choose Us?

Looking for a prominent sublimated patch manufacturer based in the U.S.? We’re it. At Elegant Patches, we focus on customer satisfaction at every step of our patch-making process, which is the primary reason behind our exceptional reputation. Over the years, we have established partnerships with top-tier clothing brands, service organizations, academic institutions, and other leading groups around the U.S. and have successfully fulfilled a significant number of patch orders.

Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of patch types, such as embroidered patches, chenille patches, PVC patches, and, of course, dye sublimation patches. Elegant Patches' meticulous approach involves selecting the finest raw materials, utilizing cutting-edge technology to craft your patch design, and delivering completed batches within the promised timeframe.

When it comes to custom sublimation patches, our team of professionals excels in every aspect. We handle each stage of your order with care, starting by creating a digital rendering of the physical result and concluding with sublimated patches that never fail to impress.

Why don’t you experience our skill firsthand by placing an order for sublimation patches with us today?

Fine Quality Patches

At Elegant Patches, we source only the finest mesh backings, inks, and other materials to create custom sublimated patches for hats, jackets, jeans, and other pieces of clothing. Our team meticulously inspects each bit of material that goes into the printing process to ensure durability. As we rely on the latest technology, we seamlessly process the sublimation patches according to your specifications.

Competitive Quotes

Need to order high-quality custom dye sublimation patches but have a limited budget? Look no further than Elegant Patches, where you can find some of the most competitive rates for personalized patches. Our primary focus is cutting costs without compromising on quality—and one such method is exclusively operating our services online. Therefore, we are able to provide you with budget-friendly prices.

Efficient Process

Having an online platform for order processing and customer service and an expansive, we can efficiently handle numerous orders at the same time, eliminating any potential delays. We guarantee to provide you with the swiftest timeframe possible. Rest assured, when placing your order, we prioritize our commitment to the delivery time range given at the time of order confirmation.

Stellar Customer Service

We are committed to ensuring your contentment in every way, offering superb patch quality, competitive rates, prompt delivery, and—at any stage of the patch order—exceptional customer service. Our representatives respond readily to any queries you have about placing an order or an ongoing one or if you have any general questions about custom sublimated patches.

Chenille Patch Design

How To Place An Order For Custom Sublimation Patches

You’ll find that the process for placing an order with Elegant Patches is user-friendly. We ensure uninterrupted contact and prompt updates on the progress of your order. We take a meticulous approach to ensure the flawless completion of your custom sublimated patches.

Step 1: Submit Your Artwork

When filling out our online order form, don’t forget to include an image file. In the case of sublimation patches, you can submit a vector artwork file or a photograph. You can also include any lettering, but we suggest that you pick out a color that stands against the background picture.

Chenille Patch Design
Chenille Patch Design

Step 2: Pick Your Add-ons

Do you want an embroidered border with your sublimated patch? Or would you like a hot-cut patch? You can leave it to use to add any letters on the provided image. We’ll provide you with a digital sample showing how the patch will look once printed and cut.

Step 3: Select A Backing

When it comes to printed patches, you can go for the following backings: sew-on, iron-on, or Velcro backing. A sew-on backing is the most durable of the three. Since we use high-quality inks, you don’t have to worry about color fading on sublimation patches—though we recommend using a mesh layer between the patch and the iron. Sublimation velcro patches are easy to remove and replace.

Chenille Patch Design
Chenille Patch Design

Step 4: Approve Sample Patch

Once you're satisfied with the digital version of your sublimation patch, we'll present a sample patch (depending on the quantity of patches you order. We allow a limited number of minor and major changes—let us know, and we'll process your request.

Step 5: Patches Delivery!

At Elegant Patches, we pride ourselves on speedy order processing. Once your custom sublimation patch order is fulfilled, we will dispatch it immediately. We partner with shipping companies that guarantee safe and fast delivery services across the United States.

Chenille Patch Design

Sublimation Patches For Clothing Brands

Sublimation patches have gained significant popularity among clothing and accessory brands, often serving as featured images. Our sublimation patches are superior in quality and are ideal for a wide range of materials, including canvas, jersey, leather, and denim. You can choose sublimation sweater patches or sublimation hat patches, and rest assured that the high-quality mesh background and sublimation printer inks will make it exceptionally long-lasting.

Our company has established partnerships with some of the popular clothing brands in the United States. Minimalist clothing, festive sweaters, photo keychains, uniform emblems, and more—the list of sublimated patches for different purposes goes on. Therefore, we're confident that we can create patches for whatever application you've got planned.

We serve both large and small brands manufacturing clothing and accessories. Our flexible minimum order requirement and competitive pricing enable startups and SMEs to conveniently place orders for top-notch sublimation patches.

Remarkable Photo Patches

Sublimated patches capture an extensive range of colors and intricate details with utmost precision. Since the process involves dyeing the backing material, the final result is a near-perfect replication of each pixel of the submitted image. Consequently, one of the notable advantages of sublimated patches is that you can choose graphics with intricate patterns and delicate lettering

Lasting Colors

The process of making sublimated patches involved putting mesh backing through special sublimation printers, which enable infusion of ink onto the patch using the heat transfer technique. The result? Robust dye bonding, withstanding colors, and incredible durability even after contact with water. Add sublimation patches to any clothing items without stress, as the colors will not fade or deteriorate easily!

Any Shape, Various Sizes

Traditional patches come in rectangular or circular shapes. With sublimated patches, you can be a bit more creative and go for a variety of shapes. Order sublimation patches for hats and other accessories with ease. Sublimation printers transfer dyes onto the backing, and we use special machinery to cut patches; therefore, we are not constrained to squares and rounds.

Custom Sublimation Patches FAQs

Why Us

Q: What sizes are available in custom sublimation patches?

Sublimation patches start as low as 2 inches in length and width (any less may result in distortion of the image) and go up to as large as 10-12 inches. For branding purposes, we recommend a size large enough to display your brand name, logo, and any other artwork clearly.

Q: Can you take an order for photograph sublimation patches?

Absolutely! We’ve worked on sublimated patches that feature family portraits, pet photographs, and similar complex images—as sublimated patches are a favorite for festive and memento sweater and T-shirt patches!

Q: How do I attach sublimation patches to clothing?

Sublimation patches can be attached by stitching and Velcro (with Velcro backing). You can also choose iron on sublimation patches. We recommend getting these professionally latched if you’re creating a branded clothing line.

Q: Are sublimation patches washable?

Yes, sublimation patches are safe for both hand and machine wash (gentle). However, we recommend avoiding exposure to harsh elements such as strong detergents, direct sunlight, or constant moisture.

Q: What kind of image do I need to submit for my order?

Send us your design for sublimation patches as an image file with a minimum 300 dpi resolution to avoid image distortion during processing. The higher the quality of your image, the finer the sublimated patch product will look.

Work Samples

Custom Sublimation Patches We’ve Made for Our Clients

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