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A timeless classic in the world of custom patches, embroidered patches are elegant and very versatile. Whether you need to add your brand’s emblem to employee uniforms or get sticky patches for your college club’s newest members, you can turn to the trusty embroidered patches with complete assurance regarding quality, appeal, and durability.

At Elegant Patches, we know high-quality embroidered patches. With considerable experience working with clients from all kinds of industries, as well as individual artists, we can undertake your custom patches project with a 100% guarantee of an excellent outcome.

Embroidered patches for logos and emblems, symbols, numbers and letters, mini paintings, character-inspired vector art, and more—we excel in all. Plus, we can help you fast-track your design process. If you have an idea for a fully customizable embroidered patch, connect with our artists, and we'll help you finalize your design and get the production process started!

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Why Choose Elegant Patches??

Why Choose Elegant Patches??

When it comes to patch manufacturers in the U.S., we've made a name for ourselves based on fine-quality results and stellar customer feedback. Our online-only platform for patch orders and customer service means we can impart extreme care to every order in the manufacturing unit. Our facility comprises advanced patch equipment, and we have a remarkable team on board to complete every order of embroidered, chenille, leather, and other kinds of customized patches.

Elegant Patches has a diverse client base; our past projects include embroidered patches for various clothing and accessories brands, academic institutions, service organizations (military, firefighters, law enforcement, etc.), and more. We've also partnered with various local and national sports leagues around the U.S. to create custom embroidery patches for jackets, jerseys, caps and hats, and merchandising goods. Test our superb custom patches yourself by placing an order today!


Looking for custom embroidery patches that not only look great but last long? You've got it; we hand-pick each material that goes into your patch. Only the finest quality yarn and thread make the cut, featuring colors that don't fade easily make the cut. Using state-of-the-art machinery, we process the raw materials into embroidered patches with your design—with a finish that won't fail to impress!


It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to buy amazing embroidered patches. At Elegant Patches, you’ll find one of the most affordable rates around, with zero compromises on quality. And if that isn’t incredible enough for those who want embroidered patches on a budget, how about a very, very low minimum order limit? No hefty expenses and no waste—that sounds reasonable, don’t you think?


All orders for custom embroidery patches no minimum are processed at our large facility with advanced equipment and an experienced team. Therefore, we are able to streamline the production process with equal attention and consideration toward each batch order. Plus, we partner with shipping companies that are known for careful handling and fast delivery.


Do you have any questions about creating custom embroidery patches no minimum? Do you want us to provide you with tips for the care and maintenance of your newly arrived batch of embroidery patches? Or do you need an update about an ongoing order? Contact us, and our customer service representatives will get back to you promptly!

How to Place an Online Order for Custom Embroidered Patches?

It takes a few fields to fill out on our online form to get started. The process for ordering e custom embroidery patches from Elegant Patches is quite straightforward.

Upload Your Design

On our online form, you’ll find the option to upload an image file (of the artwork that you want to be converted into a patch. Make sure to upload a high-quality file. Clarity of the sample image is paramount for great-looking patches.

Pick Your Patch

What kind of patch do you need? Opt for custom embroidered patches on the form. If you want custom-shaped embroidered patches for intricate artwork and something that’s a tad more flexible, we also offer woven patches.

Choose a Backing

When it comes to embroidered patches, you can go for the following backings: sew-on, iron-on, or Velcro backing. A sew-on backing is an excellent option for durable application. Iron-on patches are easy to apply. Velcro backings are ideal as temporary patches.

Approve Digital Sample

Submit your form. Once we’ve worked out the specifics of your order and determined the quote, we process your artwork through the computer for embroidery digitizing. The image file produced basically presents how your design will look as custom embroidered patches no minimum!

Wait For Your Order!

We process your order quickly and ship the batch as soon as it’s ready. Our partnering courier companies deliver your order efficiently, usually within 3-5 working days. We offer fast shipping throughout the U.S. and ensure that you get your order of custom embroidered patches on time.

Embroidered Patches For Clothing & Accessories

Shirts, sweaters, jeans, keychains, tote bags, and so much more—nearly every type of clothing and accessories out there pair well with customized embroidered patches. Hence, the reason we often partner with apparel brands.

We produce high-quality embroidered patches that have a vivid appearance. Whether you are producing your line of minimal hoodies or need to create a set of embroidered keychains for your team, let us take your order and complete it to perfection.

When it comes to custom embroidered patches by Elegant Patches, you will find unsurpassed longevity—withstanding the effect of heat and moisture. Plus, we keep our rates fair and affordable so that startups and small-scale clothing and accessories brands can work with patch savants easily without blowing through their budgets.

Embroidered Patches For Clothing & Accessories


When ordering embroidered patches, you can choose patches without any defined border, also known as hot-cut embroidered patches. Using a heat cutter, our patch artists cut the patch out of the sheet once the stitching is done. The "hot" cut seals the edges and prevents any fraying.



If you want a border along your embroidered patch, select the merrowed edge when placing your order and specify which color you'll need. The border makes your patch stand out, provided you choose a color that does not blend with the color of the intended medium of application.



Looking for gorgeous and unique custom embroidered patches? Request metallic or neon threads. Metallic threads are particularly favored among brands that want the lettering to stand out on a logo that features vivid colors. Metallic and neon threads are a superb way to make the highlighted features of your design POP on the final patch.

Custom Embroidered Patches FAQs

custom embroidered patches faqs


We offer monochrome and colored embroidered patches. You can choose to add metallic colors or neon threads. Also, we offer two different finishes, hot-cut (no border) and merrowed (with border) embroidered patches.


For embroidered patches, you can:

  • Choose any shape. Simpler shapes result in patches that are easier to apply.
  • Select a size starting from 2 inches and go up to 10-12 inches.
  • Embroidered patches have room for numerous colors and slightly complex designs.
  • Submit your image file in JPEG or PNG format (preferred). You can also provide us with a link to the image from the internet.


We create embroidered keychains. However, we provide one side or double-sided embroidered keychains in twill, not metal. If you need embroidered patches for metal keychains, you can order backless patches and attach these with a strong adhesive.


Yes, our customized embroidered patches are safe for washing by both hand and machine (gentle wash only). Make sure to avoid using harsh detergents and bleaching agents, and avoid drying in direct sunlight.

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