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Custom Enamel Pins

A perfect medium to convey ideas, messages, style or simply spark a smile, enamel pins can be used for as diverse a reason as any. With endless options, the consumer base of enamel pins is fairly kept on their toes as no number of ideas, imagination or design is unattainable.

Especially when it comes to our custom enamel pins service, you get the chance to grace surface of your choice with colorful enamel pins that unabashedly boast your preferred aesthetic, eccentricity, sense of humor or simply your partiality to something specific.

Be it for fashion purposes, ornamental value or the latest addition to your bevy, enamel pins are a fun way to amp up your style. Especially with the effort and labor that goes into the making of an enamel pin by the enamel pin manufacturer, the end results hardly ever disappoint.

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Enamel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins

Generally worn, but certainly not restricted to, a jacket’s or a coat’s lapels, a lapel pin is another one of various subset of an enamel pin. Apart from the stipulated location for the pin, as per its name, there is not much of a difference between a lapel pin and an enamel pin.

The only distinction is that while enamel pins can be worn or collected, lapel pins are customarily manufactured with the sole reason of being worn by the consumer. Used for an array of reasons including showing off one’s personality, to relay a message or to simply add an ornamental touch to your outfit, lapel pins have been in fashion for quiet some centuries.

And when you acquire our custom lapel pin service, you can rest assured that our enamel pin maker will get your specification just right as we prize customer satisfaction and endeavor to ensure quality and durability with the guarantee that the price is well worth the value.

Custom Metal Coins

Traditionally used for décor purposes or as souvenirs, custom metal coins are a unique way of conveying your penchants or interests. Especially with the innovative abilities of the world today, metal coins have become a new surface to work with for the designers who never cease to create art out of thin air.

With our custom metal coins services, we offer boundless options when it comes to fashioning the metal coins. Anything you want can be engraved on the coin, and with the choice of materials we offer including silver, copper, brass etc., these coins will stand out amongst all others.

Why Choose Elegant Patches?

With a company that is as client oriented as ours, the customer satisfaction takes precedence over everything else. And due to that fact, we have always endeavored to deliver premium quality products right at your doorsteps. Not only that but, for our beloved clientele, we have made available, our custom enamel pins at no minimum value. This means that regardless of how much or how little the value of your purchase is, there are going to be no delivery charges.

With our partiality towards always delivering quality products, you will never be disappointed in our products. And when you avail our custom services, the sky is the limit for creativity and since our company consistently strives to deliver class and quality, the end results is bound to be optimal. Moreover, when you acquire our services, following are some of the perks that you will be entitled to:

custom enamel Pins

Free Prototype

Along with every purchase, our customers will get a free sample of one of our various products which might include embroidered patches, enamel pins, PVC keychains and much more. The idea behind this is two-fold: to get our products out there and introduced to all of you and for your joy as who doesn’t love a free sample?

Super-Fast Delivery

When you place an order with our company, you can rest assured that your product(s) will be delivered to as fast as possible. It is understandable that custom orders take time, especially if it revolves around a product that takes longer to create than most. However, we have overcome that problem through establishing multiple workshops that are working consistently to ensure timely delivery. You will have your ordered product in the least amount of time possible.

Dedicated Customer Support

Not only do we prioritize quality, we also attempt to always be there for our loyal customers and prospective clientele. Through our round the clock customer service support, our agents will be available day and night to guide you and answer all your queries regardless of the time. With a customer service department as dedicated as ours, any problem that arises can be solved easily and with the least amount of effort on our customer’s part.

Guaranteed Quality

The essence of any product lies within the material of the frame work or the medium used to construct it. Depending upon the standard of the said materials, the product can either be resilient and enduring with exceptional appearance, or can prove to be prone to damage and breakage really easily. The latter is never the case when you place an order with our company. And on our confidence in our process and material alone, we can guarantee quality like no other.

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