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Pros And Cons Of Printed Patches

Pros And Cons Of Printed Patches

Patches have been used substantially throughout history for various reasons. The fashion aspect of it arose to fame in the 1960s when the hippies started using them as references to ethnic styles.

However, what indeed boosted the fame was when the Punks adopted them into their style. Seen as something unconventional, these patches were the perfect fit for the punk's rigorous strive to detach from conventionality.

Along with that, these patches were also widely used by motorbike clubs to distinguish between each other. Both embroidered and leather patches became a prominent fixture amidst these adoptions by various sub-cultures.

The evolution of the patches is a result of these groups who used and made these patches a norm and a statement. These became an eminent part of the street style adopted by famous rap artists like Run-D.M.C and NWA. They used embroidered patches on their hats and caps, which were a massive part of their wardrobe.

The advancement of these patches is a result of human innovation and creativity. With the modification of technology, we were able to go from embroidered patches to PVC and printed patches. Both these kinds of patches require a much more intricate and complex creative process. However, the result is always flawless.

The making of these might be different from the traditionally used embroidered patches, but nowadays, there are various companies established that solely cater to the patches industry. Suffice to say that patches have taken enough space in the fashion industry to garner an entire business market.

And Elegant Patches is one of the leading brands in the patch business. Employing an array of various different designers, artists, technicians, and experts, Elegant Patches has created an established company that strives to deliver quality. Be it a bulk order or a single patch, you can rest assured that we will provide you with class. Elegant Patches have set a standard amongst the patches business and will continue to do so in the future.

One such sub-category used predominantly is none other than printed patches. Utilized mainly due to the near-perfect imprinting of an image on a garment or cloth, printed patches have made quite a name for themselves. However, like any other patch, these too have their pros and cons. But before we get into that, let's first understand the process of creating these patches.

How are Printed Patches Made?

Printed patches or heat transfer dye sublimated patches are created through a process called dye sublimation. This means that there are no threads required to stitch or weave. Due to that, a higher level of detail can affix the desired choice of location.

The process consists of transferring digital print from printing paper onto a piece of fabric using very high heat levels. This high heat will help seal the dye in the digital printed image into the fabric. The result is a precise, clean and flawless printed patch.

Pros of Printed Patches

Even though printed patches were a recent creation, they have been all the rage in the patches industry. There are various reasons for that. Some of them include:

No Design is Unachievable

The use of printed patches means that there are no restrictions when it comes to designs. Unlike embroidered patches, which are limited to specific sizes and types, you can have all kinds of designs printed to any surface with printed patches. This is the foremost reason for the immense popularity of the printed patches.

Pristine Details

A leading pro of printed patches is that they are incredibly detailed and precise. The intricacy of the design does not matter as long as you are using dye sublimation. The result is always going to be a picture-perfect print without any stary issues.


Since Printed patches use dyes and not threads, it is very likely that the color will not fade as quickly. The primary issue faced by embroidered patches is that the threads start to lose their color after some washes. However, one of the pros of printed patches is that the dye, which is impressed into the fabric itself, will not come off as easy.

Range of Colors

Since the initial process of printed patches is computerized; you can only use the colors created on a computer. Fortunately, there are a considerable number of colors you can make on a computer. Printed patches allow you to play with a number of different colors to get your desired patch.

No Limit to Surface

Another pro of printed patches is that there are no limitations when it comes to the surfaces as long as it is polyester. This means you can get a printed patch on any surface you desire. Be it a bag, clothes, hat, or a much larger surface area, your printed patch will look as immaculate as ever.

Cons of Printed Patches

Notwithstanding the various pros, there are several cons of printed patches that may affect your decision. It is better to have all the information before purchasing so you know what you are in for. Some of the cons of printed patches are as follows:

Fabric Limitation

Printed patches can race the surface of any garment as long as they are made of or have a layer of polyester. Even if you try and print a design on any other kind of fabric, the result will not be as favorable, consisting of lightened colors and even bleeding.

Hard to Color Match

Although printed patches are a great sub-category of patches, one of the leading cons of printed patches is that you can only print quality images on a white surface. You can always try to print it on a colored background; however, sometimes, color matching can get impossible.

Picture Resolution

One prominent con of printed patches is that the quality of the print solely depends on the resolution of the image. You can only have flawless results if the image is of high resolution. This might work well and is accessible with smaller patches but can prove to be extremely difficult on a larger scale.

To Sum it Up

Like every other patch, printed patches, too, have their boons and banes. However, it is undeniable that this works best with certain types and kinds of fabrics. And provided that the image is of high resolution, the print will undoubtedly be exemplary and faultless.

Elegant Patches have long mastered the art of custom sublimated patches. With the right tools, you can consistently achieve the look you want. And at Elegant Patches, we are fully equipped with the latest technology. Please place your orders with us to get a high-quality custom-made printed patch that will last you a long time to come.