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Trends You Need to Know in Embroidered Patches for Kids

Ever since these little munchkins came into your lives, we are pretty sure that you would always be searching for fashionable clothes and trendy outfits for them. Believe it or not, the modern-day kids are true fashionistas and embroidered patches for kids have been on the roll as they add oomph to the outfits. With this being said, we are sharing various trends regarding embroidered patches for kids!

Denim Jacket

Kids love denim jackets and the embroidered patches will enhance the fashion proportion of the denim jackets. It doesn’t matter if you have denim vests or jackets, embroidered patches make a great addition. These patches look classic and will settle with every occasion.

Dresses & Skirts

If you have a little girl, we are pretty sure that she would love wearing and slaying skirts and dresses. With this being said, the embroidered patches for kids go perfectly with the dresses and skirts. The best part is that you can add as many patches as you want on these clothing items and it will add style to the outfit.


Sure, the ripped legging and jeans are great but it’s dated fashion now. That’s to say because ripped jeans have been around for more than two years and it’s time to change the trend. So, take out those embroidered patches for kids and iron then on their jeans, pretty trendy!


If your kid has a sporty fashion sense, we are pretty sure they would love to wear the sneakers. Shoes can make or break the fashion statement. Likewise, you can add an embroidery patch on the shoes (if there is space, of course). Keep in mind that ironing on the patches can be hard but you can always use glue or sew on the patches. We suggest sewing the patch to the shoes because you can undo them anytime you want and paste a new patch!


The embroidery patches and customized patches are trending in fashion and they can ramp up the hats. Kids look great in hats and they even make a fashion statement with these hats. With this being said, you can try adding embroidery patches on the hats; be it on the front or side panel, it makes an equally amazing fashion statement!


For every kid who loves to wear a backpack for their park time, parents can always add patches on top for adding the captivating factor. In particular, if your kid loves the canvas bags, embroidered patches will stick to them perfectly. However, you can always stitch the patches on other bag fabric that cannot take ironing.