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Embroidery Patch Vs. Chenille Patch For Biker's Club

Embroidery Patch Vs. Chenille Patch For Biker's Club

When it comes to biker patches, the bolder, the better. Biker patches have an interesting history. Though there have been many changes in the trends of biker patches, the purpose behind these is the same to this day. And that is to stand out and represent the values.

Now, the benefits of using custom embroidered patches are many, which is why these are a popular choice for biker jackets. However, recent shifts in fashion have introduced chenille work to biker jackets as well. While once limited to varsity letterman style jackets, chenille patches are now preferred in other apparel as well.

So, if you’re considering the choice between embroidery patch vs. chenille patch, you’re off to a good start with either.

Embroidery Patch Vs. Chenille Patch – What Works Best?

Both types of patches are equally interesting. Before we compare the two, let’s give you a brief breakdown of what you can expect when you get your artwork transformed into embroidered or chenille patches.

Custom Embroidered Patches

First up in embroidery patch vs. chenille patch is the embroidered variety—a favorite amongst individual artists and brand artists. An embroidered patch can feature various colors, patterns, lettering, and more, with the final look comprising a sheen.

If you’re considering embroidered patches for biker patches, know that there are certain dos and don’ts of creating custom embroidered patches. For example, when designing biker patches, keep the font as clear and large as possible, preferably in a contrasting or metallic thread. Smaller lettering and other important features tend to get lost.

Custom Chenille Patches

Here are the facts about chenille patches you need to know. The only similarity you’ll find in the embroidery patch vs. chenille patch debate is that these are made out of yarn. The finished look of a chenille patch is quite different. Since the threads on a chenille biker patch are stitched from the down up, the final texture is that of a carpet or towel.

The colors look far more vibrant than embroidered patches. If you’re looking to create large patches, like those for the back of biker jackets or vests, go for chenille.

The only drawback of custom chenille patches is that these cannot feature complex designs, as the intricacy will be lost in the rugged texture. If you’re designing patches for biker apparel, read How to Turn Your Artwork into Custom Chenille Patches to learn more about how to choose the best design.

Looking To Buy Custom Biker Patches Online?

Contact customer service at Elegant Patches for information or request a free quote for embroidered or chenille biker patch today. We’ll get back to you shortly!

Biker Club’s Patches – What To Consider

A Biker club patch represents more than just the name. The logo or emblem often represents the other aspects of the club. For example, the state they're based in, the club's values, its position amongst other biker clubs and the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), and so on.

When creating a biker club patch and picking embroidery patch vs. chenille patch, please choose wisely. Other than embroidered vs. chenille patch, you've also got the option between chenille, leather, sublimated, PVC, and woven patches vs. embroidery patches. In short, though embroidered patches are popular, consider other patches. According to your club’s unique identity and your own creative preferences.

Here are a few things you need to know:

Chenille Patches Make For The Best Oversized Patches

Styling jackets with chenille letter patches in large sizes? You’ve made a fantastic choice. Chenille patches are far more vibrant than embroidered patches. Although you can pick upsized embroidered patches too, these are less attractive than small-to-medium sized patches. You can pick chenille patches for apparel as well as any posters or banners for motorcycle events.

However, you can only sew on or iron on large chenille patches. Learn more about using massive chenille patches by reading Iron-On vs. Velcro Chenille Patches.

Embroidered Patches Feature Intricate Artwork

Do your biker club patch feature drawings relevant to the club's mission, members, or what it stands for? An embroidered patch is like the threaded version of a painting. Provided you choose a suitable combination of colors, your patch will be the talk of the party at the next AMA meet-up.

Embroidered patches can also be stitched on or ironed on easily, depending on the base.

Read our guide on Iron-On Vs. Sew-On Patch to learn more.

Care Is Imperative When Applying Either Patch On Biker Apparel

Not sure how to use iron-on chenille patches or embroidered patches? Once you've made a choice between embroidery patch vs. chenille patch, and designed the patch, the next step is the application. Sew-on patches are highly recommended, as these stays intact the longest.

Iron-on patches are more convenient, especially for larger patches that take considerable time to sew. With a proper adhesive backing, like the one you’ll find in iron-on patches by Elegant Patches, you don’t need to worry about your patch peeling any time soon.

You can learn the best method for how to apply chenille patches and embroidered patches from our blog.

Embroidery Patch Vs. Chenille Patch? We Do Both!

At Elegant Patches, we have stellar experience in creating various custom patches. If you can’t decide between embroidery patch vs. chenille patch, reach out to us today. As experts in custom patches online, our artists know the patches that best suit your brand, artwork, purpose, and budget.

To order your biker club patches, fill out our simple form—where you can upload your logo or any other biker club artwork. If you don't have a design, view our patch gallery for inspiration.

Our team will get back to you promptly and guide you through the next step.

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