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Styling Jackets With Chenille Letter Patches

Styling Jackets With Chenille Letter Patches

In most parts, Chenille patches are similar to embroidery patches. However, these differ by the use of Chain embroidery in creating chenille patches. It makes them look fuller, prominent, thicker, and soft. These patches work great with bigger designs.

Chenille patches have been using for ages. A letterman jacket is just incomplete without chenille patches. These are typical go-to patches used in a letterman jacket for some good reasons. They look really good and hold up for a very long time.

Chenille letter patches are widely used to enhance the look of the jackets. There is a huge variety of chenille letter patches from which you can choose according to your requirement. The best part about them is you can easily customize them as well. Some of the most common chenille letter patches that you can style your jacket with are letter or name patches, state patches, and sports patches.

Here are few ways you can style your jacket with chenille letter patches

Style with Old Jacket

The simple and easiest way to start styling a patch, find an old jacket, choose a patch you like, and apply it anywhere you want. You can place it on the front pocket, on the sleeves, at the back, or wherever you want.

Style with Leather Jacket

Leather jackets can never go out of fashion. You can rock your style by adding few patches to your leather jacket. You can paste these patches on sleeves, front, and at the back. You can also place a lot of patches that will cover your jacket completely.

Style with Military Jackets

A military jacket is a perfect place to use patches. Military jackets have always been a badass piece of clothing for ages. Take a single patch of your choice and apply it on sleeves.

You can also use multiple patches on a military jacket.

Style with Blazer or coat

Coat and blazer are a type of jacket, which are most popular in trend. You can place a set of patches on either side of the blazer and keeping the other side simple. This jacket will defiantly beautify your overall look. For some sporty look, you can apply a patch on a plain long black coat as well.

Style with Track Jacket

Pairing a track jacket with chenille letter patches can never go wrong. Use a bunch of patches on a contrasting color jacket. It will look so classy.