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7 Fun Facts about Chenille Patches


Chenille patches—they’re the middle child of yarn-made patches. They are the solution when embroidered or woven patches just don't make the cut. Therefore, custom chenille patches are there to rescue you from patch woes when you need something elegant and vibrant.

If you’re considering getting patches for your brand or your next art project, then here are some facts about chenille patches to convince you why these are winning options.

Interesting Facts about Chenille Patches You Should Know

1. Chenille Is A French Word That Translates To Caterpillar

This is because the fuzzy texture of a caterpillar resembles the texture of a finished chenille patch. That's what makes chenille patches unique. Since the thread is stitched from the down up, there’s a soft and rugged texture that feels fun and looks amazing.

Also, it’s the same technique used in making towels, rugs, and carpets, hence the reason why chenille patches bear a similarity to these household linens!

2. The Chenille Industry In The U.S. Was Established By A Teenager!

Yes, a teenager with a passion for creating fancy bedspreads and quilts came up with the chenille industry. The 15-year-old Catherine Evans used to create her innovative pieces by stitching cotton on the base of cotton and selling them. Since her weaving process idea inspired many others, chenille pieces soon appeared in stores across the U.S.

However, Evans only came up with the concept of chenille in America. One of the facts about chenille patches is that these were introduced by Alexander Buchanan in Scotland in the 1830s.

3. Popular Fashions With Chenille Work Include Shawls

Another one of the facts about chenille patches is that chenille is widely used in the manufacturing of rugs, carpets, and bedspreads. However, before we look at chenille patches, we'll take a detour into wearable pieces that directly feature chenille work.

You’ll find beautiful shawls, fuzzy caps, and other winter wear made out of chenille fabric. Moreover, these are intricately designed. Unlike embroidery, which has a lifted look on fabric, chenille designs blend seamlessly with the background. Additionally, the finished pieces are luxuriously soft due to chenille and the lining (usually cotton or cotton rayon) provides structure and durability.

4. Letterman Jackets Take The Lead In Patch Fashions

If you don't know what chenille patches look like or are new to the term, think back to the varsity jackets. You have seen baseball and soccer players wear from your high school and college years. Moreover, these jackets use chenille patches to feature the player's number and name along with the institution's logo.

The reason for chenille patches in these jackets is due to the matte, vibrant finished look. Chenille lettering looks clear and very readable from afar. Also, a brightly-colored chenille patch on a dark jersey jacket makes for ideal sports outerwear.

5. Chenille Patches Can Come In Ultra-Large Sizes

You can make a large banner with chenille lettering. New technology has enabled patch manufacturers to create extra-large pieces. As a matter of fact, you can create a single letter as large as 11-12 inches. Put all the pieces together and you've got a very attractive-looking patch banner. If you want to learn more, read How to Turn Your Artwork into Custom Chenille Patches.

However, large chenille patches are not ideal for a smaller base. You need to leave enough room in the surrounding so that the patch stands out well without being overwhelming, especially since chenille patches can be "loud."

6. Chenille Is Trending In Minimalist Fashion

Need to revamp your new or worn denim jacket without going over the top? A custom chenille patch is a cute and minimal piece of artwork to add to clothing—unless you’re talking large patches. Small, subtle patches look beautiful. Additionally, these can symbolize something you believe in or something you’re proud of.

Also, denim jackets with unique chenille patches are the rage these days. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with popular yet distinct pieces, go for styling jackets with chenille letter patches.

7. Not All Artwork Works Well For Chenille Patches

Here’s the main difference between the productions of embroidered vs. chenille patches: there is a level of intricacy allowed in both. Firstly, embroidered patches can feature complex designs since the threads are weaved across. Second, embroidered patches are thin.

Alternatively, chenille patches can contain limited colors and patterns. Since the texture is rug-like, a complex design will look disorganized.

Hence the reason why chenille patches are better suited to artwork with fewer colors and simple designs.

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Using Chenille Patches The Right Way

Not sure how to apply chenille patches?

Now that you know facts about chenille patches let's move on to how to use them. Chenille patches are very durable and easy to work with, so you don't need to fret about applying these. Since you can get chenille patches in sew-on, Velcro, as well as iron-on varieties, the application is pretty straightforward.

  • If you are sewing on the patch yourself, make sure to use the right thread. Hand or machine-sew along the outer border. Since sewn patches won't come off easily in the wash, this method is the best of all in terms of longevity.
  • For iron-on chenille patches, make sure to place the patch on the spot you want it before you put the iron on it. Once the adhesive backing latches onto the base fabric, there's no going back on repositioning without ruining both the patch and the base. Also, make sure your iron is at the optimal temperature—high enough to activate the adhesive backing and low enough to avoid burning the yarn. Read How To Iron-On Chenille Patches to learn more.
  • Finally, for Velcro patches, you need to attach the other end of Velcro to the intended fabric. However, Velcro isn't an ideal option for chenille patches unless you're going for name tags. The main benefit of Velcro patches is that they are easily replaceable.

How About Some Chenille Patches?

All the facts about chenille patches got you thinking about getting some for yourself. At Elegant Patches, we’ll create pieces that best suit your style. Call us today for a free quote and order custom patches online!