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Represent Sports Team With Chenille Patches

Represent Sports Team With Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are one of the most popular types of custom patches—and the primary reason for their fame is their association with sports clubs and teams. Most people are familiar with varsity jackets, unique due to the interesting patches that adorn these. And although chenille patches are now used for various purposes, their popularity amongst teams and clubs is still going strong.

This comes as no surprise. Even with many different patches now available for use on clothing and accessories and advanced patch-making tech resulting in higher-quality patches, chenille patches have a one-of-a-kind visual appeal.

We’ll discuss the finer points of these patches in this guide, and the reasons to represent sports team with chenille patches.

Why Use Chenille Patches For Sports Teams? (70x5)

Much like you wonder how to promote your brand by using chenille patches, sports team marketers also need quality patches for their uniforms and merchandise. And when it comes to chenille patches, the option stands out as the best among most customized patches. Here's why.

1. Chenille Patches Are Vibrant & Vivid

Chenille patches are made from yarn, much like embroidered or woven patches. One of the facts about chenille patches that distinguish these from other thread/yarn patches is that the stitching technique is not a weave-style stitch but a bottom-up stitch. As a result, the threads sort of stick up, like fibers in a towel or rug.

Another result: a bright look. The light reflects off the unique surface texture in a way that the colors look more vivid. On a sports jersey or jacket or cap, this resulting view is ideal, because it stands out attractively in a crowd.

2. These Are The Most Beloved Jacket Patches

Part of the reason why people prefer to represent sports team with chenille patches is familiarity. No matter how awesome custom embroidered, woven, PVC, or other kinds of patches look on team jackets and other uniform garments, chenille patches will always hold a special place.

These patches are a classic. A chenille patch with the player’s name adorning the back of the jacket, the mascot art on the sleeve, and the team logo at the front—this age-old style of school, college, and pro teams’ varsity jackets is irreplaceable!

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3. Get Chenille Patches In A Variety Of Sizes

Many pieces of sports team uniforms and merchandise—such as jackets, posters, banners, flags, and more—look appealing with large-size patches. And patch manufacturers can easily create large chenille patches without compromising quality or form.

There's been a shift in patch technology over time, with the introduction of better patch equipment including state-of-art digitizing software and stitching machines. Therefore, patch manufacturers are now able to create high-quality and attractive chenille patches—with maximum size limits going up as much as 10-15 inches. It is now easier to represent sports team with chenille patches.

4. Chenille Patches Are Long-Lasting

Another reason to represent sports team with chenille patches is that these are durable. Of course, you need to choose a reputed and dependable patch manufacturer with expertise in creating chenille patches for brands and teams. The reason for care and consideration is that in the end, you want the best possible custom patches products.

Quality chenille patches are heard-wearing. Jerseys such as those used in baseball, basketball, or any other sport are susceptible to dirt, sweat, and other questionable bacteria-ridden matter, which means these need to be washed often. If these garments feature premium chenille patches, you can put them through wash cycles with peace of mind knowing that the colors and threads won't fade and fray easily.

5. Use These Patches For Easy Marketing

Chenille patches are made out of yarn, which means you can choose any kind of backing: sew-on, iron-on, or Velcro (read Iron-On Vs. Velcro Chenille Patches to earn more about different backings). This aspect is ideal when you want to create sports team patches for merchandising purposes. You can hand out patches are gifts and giveaways at matches, sports conventions, and other public events.

Since chenille patches are easy to apply, it is more likely that your team's fans and supporters and other people will put these patches to good use, giving you easy publicity!

Sports Teams Which Use Chenille Patches

Although there are countless sports out there that use chenille patches, amongst other kinds of patches, for uniforms and gear, and branding—the following are the most popular sports around where you will see chenille patches:

1. Football/ Soccer Patches

Therefore, custom football and soccer patches are popular types of sports team patches, with the National Football League (NFL) taking the lead. American football fans love these patches to showcase their support and pride. Soccer patches are also quite famous, as fans love carrying jerseys, caps, and various accessories bearing the symbol of their favorite Major League Soccer (MLS) teams amongst other soccer leagues.

2. Baseball Patches

The popular pastime in the U.S., baseball comes with its world of chenille patches. The most common type of baseball chenille patches is jersey patches, which can be displayed on the front and back and the arms of a traditional baseball jersey. Chenille patches are also favored for caps, hats, keychains, and other items for representing various Major League Baseball (MLB) team logos and artwork.

3. Basketball Patches

Going back to college basketball teams, all the way now to NBA (National Basketball Association) merchandise, most basketball players and enthusiasts own at least one piece of clothing or accessory with a chenille patch. Letterman jackets, the famous jackets known for their distinguished chenille work, as most associated with the sport of basketball!

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4. Hockey Patches

Hockey jerseys are another kind of sports jersey you will find have chenille work on them. The National Hockey League (NHL) and various ice hockey clubs use chenille patches to display their team logo and artwork on uniforms and merchandising material. Since custom chenille patches are incredibly durable, these go well with hockey jerseys, bags, and other items.

5. Martial Arts Patches

From karate to Jiu-Jitsu, various forms of martial arts have kimono-style tops as their uniforms that bear the logo of the association in the form of chenille patches. Chenille patches may also be used as tokens of performance in various competitions—kind of like medals. Since martial arts uniforms usually come in a standard blank-white color, the teams may order custom patches online to add later on.

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