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Custom Sublimation Patches for Branding: Pros & Cons

Custom Sublimation Patches for Branding: Pros & Cons

When considering how to select perfect types of custom patches for your brand’s logo, symbol, and other artwork, you may have come across sublimation patches. Also known as dye sublimation patches or printed patches, these customized pieces pique one’s interest, as there are no other patches quite like these!

Custom Sublimation Patches: An Overview

Before we head into the pros and cons of sublimation patches for branding, what is it about custom sublimation patches that make these an increasingly popular option for brands? The magic lies in the technique of how the designs transfer on to the background.

Custom sublimation patches for branding are famed for vibrant colors. However, it is the exceptional photographic quality that takes the win and sets these apart from the rest. The process from a digital file on a computer to the final patch is a fascinating one.

Patch experts use special printers and transfer paper to create these custom patches. Sublimation printers use dye-sublimation inks to transfer designs on paper. Then, the paper is carefully laid over a polyester patch and heat is used to transfer the ink onto the fabric. The heat is high enough to vaporize the ink and brief enough that it immaculately gets on the patch without distortion of the original image.

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The resulting image is simply captivating, refined in all aspects from color saturation to crispiness. And the replication of the original graphics is nearly perfect. It’s not surprising that the pros of sublimation patches for branding are many!

As a brand selling clothing items, accessories, keychains, and other wearable products, you can’t go wrong with sublimation patches. However, like any patch, sublimation patch too has both pros and cons. We’ve listed these below, so that you can make an informed decision about custom sublimation patches for branding.

Pros of Sublimation Patches for Branding

Sublimation patches (printed patches) offer a multitude of advantages that are appealing for a brand looking to captivate its audience with quality, vibrancy, and distinctness. The remarkable pros of sublimation patches for branding include:

Perfect Photographic Appearance

First and foremost, amongst the most things you should know about sublimation patches is that these offer unparalleled accuracy. If you want to replicate photographs on a patch, this is how you do it—by dye sublimation. The near-exact replication of images leaves you in awe. And for brands looking to recreate photographs in custom patches, sublimation patches are exceptional candidates.

Brings Intricate Designs To Life

Another one of benefits of using sublimation patches is freedom for complexity. Thanks to the heat used in the process of making sublimation patches, precision is the primary trait in its finishing. Choose sublimation if you want even the most intricate designs achieved to perfection on patch backing. From delicate lettering to highly-detailed images, nothing is too challenging for sublimated patches!

Limitless Color Options

When it comes to color options in sublimation patches, prepare to face unlimited options as pros of sublimation patches for branding. Since the process of dye sublimation involved mixing inks on the spot (while printing), you are spoiled for choice. Unlike embroidered or chenille patches, where dyes have to be specially prepared, sublimated patches offer an endless array of colors with ease (read Embroidery Patches vs. Sublimation Patches). Bold and vibrant hues, or subtle and sophisticated shades, choose any color range and you’ll get the results you need without additional costs.

Top-Notch Brand Personification

Given each and every advantage of custom sublimation patches we’ve covered so far, it’s no surprise that one other perk is brand personification. There are numerous ways to style sublimated patches. When you need to tell your brand’s story through its emblem or any other form of artwork on a patch, the unlimited space for colors and creativity helps bring your vision to reality. Thus, whether we are talking about uniform brand logo, sports team symbols, or colorful patches for memento keychains, the pros of sublimation patches for branding are solid.

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Cons of Sublimation Patches for Branding

Nothing’s perfect, right? As amazing as dye sublimation patches are, you need to consider a few drawbacks. First impressions are crucial for brand; choosing incompatible patches or working with patch makers who are not experienced professionals in their craft can be detrimental. Amongst the many exceptional qualities are some cons of sublimation patches for branding:

Shorter Lifespan (Compared To Some Patches)

One of the main cons of sublimation patches for branding is that their lifespan is uncertain. Remember that sublimation patches occur through the process of ‘printing’. Just as a T-shirt’s pre-dyed colors last longer than a section of screen printing on it, a patch with dyed threads (such as embroidered, woven, and chenille custom patches products) that turn into a design last longer than patches with a design directly printed on it.

Need Exposure Protection

Patches and harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight don’t mix. However, amongst the unfortunate cons of sublimation patches for branding is that sublimation patches are much more susceptible to the effects of exposure as compared to other kinds of custom patches. These patches may gradually fade if they are consistently exposed to the excessive heat, constant moisture, and sun’s rays.

Limited Fabric Options

Lastly, the fabric options for dye sublimated patches are somewhat limited. Only polyester backing is compatible with these patches, as the inks that transfer onto the patches can’t work with other types of fabric. Whether you choose sew-on, iron-on, or Velcro sublimation patches, polyester is what you get.

Despite these cons of sublimation patches for branding, there's no denying the incredible appeal. Choose these for branding purposes with confidence, and don’t forget to work with expert patch manufacturers!

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