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7 Ways to Style Sublimated Patches?

7 Ways to Style Sublimated Patches?

Fashion has never lacked when it comes to creativity and passion. Talented and skilled individuals throughout the world have come up with one idea after another, cascading endless innovation.

From glitter, glam, and glistening to incorporating technological aspects, including 3-dimensional clothing, fashion has always stepped up its game again and again.

One such prominent aspect of fashion has been none other than patches. People have incorporated patches into multiple aspects of their lives, including clothes, for example, styling clothes with sublimated patches. For about a century and a half, patches have prevailed and remained consistently valid as a fashion choice.

However, many people wonder why that is so?

Brief History and Reasons for Popularity

The sole reason why patches have always been in the fashion game is due to their exceptional diversity. Not only can you get patches in a number of different sizes, but there are multiple kinds of patches available for purchase.

These patches skyrocketed due to the exceptional quantities used by the flower children and biker clubs. And because of that immense popularity, time and time again, patches made their way into high fashion.

Not long after Michael Jackson first used patches on a letterman jacket in his famous Thriller music video, patches gained their sudden fame. Even if patches were always around, after the adoption of these patches into street style and prodigious fashion houses, there was no way but up.

Elegant Patches

And with options like custom patches, there is really no limit to how far your imagination and creativity can go. This is where we, at Elegant Patches, shine the brightest. Our business is cultivated revolving around the utter satisfaction of our customers.

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Furthermore, as the customer, you have total creative freedom if you choose the custom patch option. Not only that, but our team of creative artists and designers is always ready to assist you with any issues or offer an expert opinion. With elegant patches, you are always in good hands.

There is no need to worry for anyone experiencing issues with the fashion aspect of styling clothes with sublimated patches. Elegant Patches has got you covered.

Below is a list of 7 different ways you can implement to incorporate and create clothes with sublimated patches.

How to Fashion Clothes with Sublimated Patches

Essentially, the process of creation of the sublimated patches includes heat transferring ink onto the desired surface. Sublimated patches are also one of the only patches that give astounding levels of detail. Not to mention the extensive color spectrum.

Suffice to say, you have a lot to play with creatively, especially with custom sublimated patches. And if you still find yourself in a conundrum as to where these patches will look the best, below are seven ways to style clothes with sublimated patches:

1- Jeans

Ever since bellbottom and wide-leg jeans from the 90s and 2000s made a comeback, several people have creatively added sublimated patches right onto their jeans.

Since sublimation patches are images printed on the desired surface through intense levels of heat, there is no limitation to size or imagination.

People are taking full advantage of the fact by opting for both subtle and over-the-top designs. And might we say, they do look exceptional.

2- Hats and Caps

There is no end to the different ways people incorporated patches onto their hats or caps. However, none can achieve the level of clarity and detail other than sublimated patches.

As one of the most popular ways to style clothes with sublimated patches, they will capture incredible detail and elevate an ordinary cap.

3- The Faded Look

If you know, you know. The fashion industry is never lacking a good fade. When it comes to sublimated patches, the look achieved is exceptional, to say the least.

4- Full Sized

If in doubt, go with a surplus. Therefore, why not cover the entire front of your shirt in a sublimated patch? With its ability to capture minor details, no design is too big. And no idea is outrageous enough. Let your inventiveness take over, and style your clothes with sublimated patches in new and different ways.

5- Backpacks and Bags

Who said sublimated patches are only for clothes? With endless artistic possibilities, accessorizing should never cease to be an option. So, add sublimated patches on your bag or backpacks, and use them to convey humor, opinions, or your favorite band/show/characters. The choices are limitless.

6- Jackets

Ever since some of the high-end brands came out with jackets covered with embroidered patches, people took the idea. They started styling their clothes with sublimated patches similarly. And one such option is covering the entirety of your jacket in a collage of different designs of sublimated patches. Bear in mind that you can never go wrong with ingenuity!

7- Minimalism

If you are not one for outrageous or over-the-top designs, there is no reason you can't go the minimalist route. A simple little sublimated patch on your t-shirt or jeans pocket will do the trick. Pick your favorite flower or a beloved cartoon character and have it sublimated on your apparel. Fashion-forward and to your taste!

In Conclusion

You can achieve all of these looks and more at Elegant Patches. Coupled with our promise of high quality and customer satisfaction, there is no wrong path. Moreover, you have the option to talk to our experts for any creative advice regarding your custom designs.

Place your orders now and avail of our no minimum offer! As we at Elegant Patches have all your patch needs covered.