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5 Things You Should Know About Sublimation Patches

5 Things You Should Know About Sublimation Patches

Knowing why and when sublimation patches are a great option within an array of patch types is vital knowledge. Read on to find out more!

Many of the older enthusiasts and Motorcycle Clubs prefer the older materials and methods, such as sewing on embroidered or leather patches. But, the younger audience is different. They find the detailed and more minimalistic options to be more appealing.

A great crowd among younger patch enthusiasts prefer the iron-on type. It is also conventionally convenient for them to use iron-on patches since they can change their apparel and vibe every time they feel a change in their aesthetic.

Likewise, the youth has also widely embraced sublimation patches, which is why it is a popular kind of product. However, there are certain things you should know about sublimation patches. This article talks about that.

What are Sublimation Patches?

Sublimation Patches are a popular item for more than apparel. Gen Z loves to incorporate their style and fashion into almost all of their accessories and apparel, which is why this type of patch is an excellent match for apparel such as backpacks, hats, shoes, jackets, beanies, etc.

Sublimation patches or printed patches are industrially known as Heat Transfer Dye Sublimated Patches. They are the best process type to achieve completely flawless designs on your custom patches.

Sublimation patches are made by means of a process termed dye sublimation. The craftsmanship and labor that goes into this process are minimal. However, the yield is crucially unmatched. It produces designs so intricate and detailed that they cannot be matched by any other method.

Even if the finest and most expensive machine or hand-made woven and embroidered patch designs are pitted in comparison, they would lack. Additionally, these patches are less costly, faster to produce, and more weather and damage-proof than older options.

How are Sublimation Patches produced?

One of the things you should know about sublimation patches is that they are extremely durable and long-lasting. All patches from Elegant Patches are made of 100 per cent polyester twill. The twill is mass manicured and cut up into the depending size of the patches.

If custom patches are being produced, the size of the fabric used overall will vary mathematically. The required size is often presumed according to the size of the batch being produced and the size of each individual patch. Before the patches are sized and cut up, all fabric is overlaid from the hindside with a layer of pellon and a layer of backing.

This layer is either sewed on, which is a fabric backing or it is sealed on using a heat-activated adhesive which is an industrial strength adhesive.

Once the fabric is cut up to the calculated and final size, it is merrowed with merrow floss. The merrow floss too is made of 100 percent polyester. Due to the process, these patches are bound to endure industrial conditions during the process and after.

These conditions include the typical harsh wash and dry. This tells you that they are made to be durable. Hence you can say that they are long-lasting and will not come apart. This is one of the renowned sublimation patches facts.

Adding Sublimation

Sublimation is the method that is used for printing designs and vectors onto sublimation paper. This paper and design substance at this stage is called a transfer. The printed design or text is then transferred a second time using heat application to the surface fabric that will be the face of the patch.

This fabric is more often than not polyester fabric or a poly-coated compound. Often cotton and later can also be compounded with poly-coating, but they are rare. The way sublimation works is if that specific sublimation ink, paper and polyester fabric or a poly coated material are utilized. It cannot be done with regular art materials.

Ways to Style Sublimation Patches

Sublimated patches, like all patches, are a great addition to enhance almost any product, be it apparel, accessories, etc. However, unlike most patches, sublimation patches are particularly useful for items that are more difficult to weave, screen print or embroider. Sometimes it could be the design itself, such as landscapes or portraits.

Other times it could be a client’s demand for minimalist consistency. However, the most common reason is either due to size or construction of the overall design. Hats work well with sublimated patches because of the irregularity in the surface.

Further, among ways to style sublimation patches, you can apply them over handbags, tote bags and backpacks. Major shoe and athleisure companies also engage in having their branded by sublimation patches.

They are also a popular option for a uniform or corporate wear, a dress code you might change and wash regularly since sublimated patches can be removed.

Custom Sublimated patches work as practical brand-building tools. One popular item for sublimation patches that retailers themselves adorn on an industrial level before retail are hats. This adornment allows the elegant, stylish or minimal addition of the company’s branding to almost any accessory or apparel.

Reasons to buy Sublimation Patches

Here is a list of reasons that makes these patches must to shop.

  1. A wide array of colors, hues, shades
  2. Intricate detailing to complex designs
  3. A minimalistic, re-creatable and manicured
  4. No fraying threads at the edge of the patch
  5. No need for connecting threads between words in lettering logos
  6. Guaranteed durability since the design is dyed into the patch rather than printed
  7. Machine washable and heavy-duty
  8. Specific dyes ensure waterproofness because it employs the same procedure as swimsuits and colorful sportswear production.
  9. Photographic details can be mass-reproduced, unlike with embroidery patches
  10. Smooth and seamless color and pattern gradients can be expected, which is hard with woven or embroidery patches
  11. 11. Overall less costly than either woven or embroidery.

From Where to Buy Sublimated Patches?

After knowing all these sublimation patches facts, you might want to shop them. If wondering from where so at Elegant Patches we provide optimum quality sublimated patches coupled with others too. To place an order you can call us or book your order online.