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Unleash Your Brand Identity with Chenille Patches

Unleash Your Brand Identity with Chenille Patches

When it comes to customized patches, chenille patches is a name you’ll read often. These soft, rugged patches featuring colorful logos and other artwork are an amazing choice to represent your brand to the masses.

Learn more about unleashing your brand identity with chenille patches.

What Kinds Of Chenille Patches Can You Choose For Your Brand?

The beauty of establishing a brand identity with chenille patches is that you have a bit of variety. Don't want to stick to a simple printed patch? Consider two different options and select the one which suits your style preference.

Standard Chenille Patches

2D Chenille patches are created as a single layer, completely horizontal. From a side view, you can observe that there are no raised layers to these, and each layer lies flat. Chenille patches for letterman jackets are quite popular in the standard patch style.

The overall look is quite attractive nevertheless, as the rug-like look of design elements creates a vivid appearance.

Multi-tiered Chenille Patches

Standard chenille patches have a textured look, but you can make these more “3D” if you specify what features need highlighting. Multi-tiered chenille patches have more “levels”.

Say you need to have a comic character printed as a tiered patch. The different parts of the character can be leveled, some parts more raised than others. That's what makes these chenille patches so exquisite—and also more costly than standard patches.

Want To Order Custom Chenille Patches Online?

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Why Should You Consider Chenille Patches?

Customized chenille patches have become increasingly popular in the past years amongst brands and artists, as these offer various benefits. Here are a few top advantages for you to build brand identity with chenille patches:

1. Flexible:

Chenille patches are stitched from the down up, unlike embroidered patches, which are woven. Therefore, these are not only lightweight but adjust well on various surfaces. If attached to clothing, they won't weigh the material down, even if you go for a larger size.

2. Visually Appealing:

Why are chenille patches for letterman jackets a thing? You can choose any range of colors for your chenille patches—and get bright and beautiful results! Chenille patch artists can custom-dye threads according to your color choices, and the stitching style makes those shades appear clear and vivid on the final product.

3. Durable:

One of the lesser known facts about chenille patches is that these patches are ideal when it comes to withstanding exposure to moisture, dust, dirt, and other elements—as these are washable. Thus, if you are thinking of designing patches for sports clubs such as football, basketball, baseball, and various outdoor sports, do so without a second thought about quality and longevity!

4. Personalized:

Though it may seem that you can only get limited shapes and designs in chenille patches, the technology involved in this type of patch-making has taken considerable leaps. Now, you can get any shape and size, and conveniently unleash your brand identity with chenille patches!

5. Easy to Maintain:

Chenille patch got dirty? No worries—simply take a clean damp cloth to wipe away the grime. If it is too dirty, a little soapy water soak will do the trick. In short, chenille patches are a great means to add convenience for your brand’s customers.

6. Versatile:

While embroidered patches once took the lead for brands that sold clothing and accessories, chenille patches have now taken over various industries. Why? Chenille patch results are clearer and aesthetically pleasing. It’s easy to clean. Thus, chenille patches are perfect for branding an array of goods, from the uses of letterman jacket patches to artsy patches for bags and books.

7. Reasonable:

Chenille patches are now quite common, beyond chenille patches for letterman jackets. This means that production costs are lower than before—and so are the prices. Of course, more complex patches—such as patches with embroidered borders or a multi-layered look—will still cost you a tad more due to the complex design work involved. By shopping from an online patch store that offers fair quotes, you can get great-looking brand chenille patches within your marketing budget.

How To Choose The Perfect Chenille Patch Design For Your Brand?

Creating artwork for brand identity with chenille patches? It can be tricky if you're a first-timer ordering chenille patches online, so here are a few useful tips:

Choose The Right Mix Of Colors & Designs

Colors play a great role in how appealing custom patches look and how successfully you can present an image of your brand. Choose colors and patterns that complement each other. Contrasts will help lift important aspects such as letters and numbers.

Less Is More When It Comes To Custom Patches

Keep it simple. Just because you have room to work in more colors or patterns, doesn’t mean you should. For example, if you want people to understand what's presented in chenille patches for letterman jackets, a bit of empty space in the patch is necessary to make the central features POP (such as name, logo, tagline, related vector images, etc.)

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Submit A High-Quality Image File For Processing

Want to represent sports team with chenille patches? Your patch artists should be able to convert the image file into a clear, crisp chenille patch. Submit a high-res picture when you place your order. If you are taking an image off the internet, make sure to check the quality.

Know Your Brand Audience’s Preferences

Ultimately, every feature of your chenille patches, from colors to size, should be planned according to your brand's target audience. Know who you are marketing your brand to, and whether or not they will appreciate the design. Consult a survey group to get feedback on a sample patch.

Pick A Size That Fits The Intended Background

Where do you want to attach chenille patches? As letterman patches on jackets? On a T-shirt? Shoes? Bags? Knowing this will help you decide the best size. If you are ordering patches as corporate gifts or marketing giveaways, choose a size that goes well with most things, such as caps, shirts, bags, and even notebooks.

Consult An Expert If You Feel Stuck In Design

Still finding it challenging to finalize artwork for your chenille patches? No worries—consult the patch artists at your chosen patch manufacturing business. Well-versed in the craft and having created patches for various brands, they can guide you through the design process.

Market Your Brand With Quality Chenille Patches From Elegant Patches

Whether you need chenille patches for your personal brand, sports team, college club, or any other reason, Elegant Patches is your one-stop shop for ordering high-quality custom patches online.

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