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Custom Letterman Patches

Letterman jackets play an important role in athletic and extracurricular activities. These signify participation and accomplishment, depending on the patch used. Traditionally, letterman jacket patches are placed on any one front side, on the sleeves, and the back of the jacket. As one of the leading custom patch makers in the U.S., Elegant Patches has created provided many teams and clubs in schools or sports leagues with excellent chenille patches for both jackets and other relevant apparel.

Therefore, whether you need a patch for your high school marching band uniforms or the for player’s jackets at the upcoming national baseball championship game—we’ve got you covered. Let us know what kind of letterman jacket patches you need, and we'll create these for you.

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Embroidery Patch Design

Why Choose Elegant Patches?

What makes us the winning option as your patch artists for letterman jacket patches? We focus on customer satisfaction, fulfilling all your expectations. Quality, durability, aesthetic, price, and time to create and deliver patches—we commit to making every aspect as perfect as possible.

With the freedom of fully customizing your design, you can have a lot of fun designing patches with us. Our letterman patches have a beautiful finished look. We pride ourselves on our excellent equipment and skills. As a result, we create patches that outdo our competitors in terms of both quality and pricing.

We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of students, professional athletes, and other participants, which is why we want to give them the best patch to don. In short, you’ve got reliable patch artists making embellishments for your letterman jackets!

Free Quote & No Minimum

We offer free quotes for all. Simply send us your artwork along with the quote form, and we’ll get back to you with details. We also have a no-minimum policy. As online patch makers, we focus on convenience for all customers. So, order whatever number of patches you need, and we’ll get started!

Premium Quality Guaranteed

We use the highest-quality threads and mesh backings. Our equipment is state-of-the-art. Elegant Patches' artists are trained and experienced in making custom patches. Embroidered, chenille, woven, and more—we're well-versed in many kinds of patches. Let us design your letterman jacket patches, and expect to be delighted by the results!

On-Time Delivery For All Orders

We respect and adhere to delivery timelines agreed on at the time of order finalization. You can order your upcoming inter-school, state, or international competition letterman patches with us—and rest easy. We accept orders based on capacity and work diligently to ensure we'll get your order ready on time.

Continuous Customer Assistance

Need any support regarding designing artwork for custom patches? Or do you have any questions about the kind of patches best suited to your apparel? Do you need after-sales information support regarding attaching and taking care of your patches? Our customer services reps will help you out efficiently and with the utmost attention.

Embroidery Patch Design

How To Create Custom Letterman Jacket Patches Online

Creating vibrant jacket patches online is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is provide us with the artwork and choose patch specifications (size, backing, etc.), and we’ll handle the rest. If you don’t have any artwork for letterman patches, visit our patch gallery to view our past work for ideas.

Step 1: Choose Your Design

Send us the artwork that you need to have converted into a patch. Please keep in mind that fewer colors and patterns, and larger lettering, works best for letterman jacket patches.

Embroidery Patch Design
Embroidery Patch Design

Step 2: Pick Your Patch

What kind of patch do you need? Traditional letterman jacket patches are chenille patches, but you may choose other threaded varieties for a unique look.

Step 3: Select Your Backing

Do you want to sew on, iron on, or attach Velcro your patch onto the jacket? Let us know. We create our patches on a durable mesh backing with excellent-quality attachment.

Embroidery Patch Design
Embroidery Patch Design

Step 4: Approve The Sample

We'll send you a digitized version of your artwork. Once that's approved, we create a single sample for your approval—with some changes allowed.

Step 5: Receive Your Patches

We create the finalized patch into whatever quantity you ordered and get it to your doorstep within the approved delivery timeframe. We ship throughout the U.S.

Embroidery Patch Design

Branding & Corporate Patches

We make custom letterman patches for individuals, schools and colleges, independent sports and extracurricular clubs—as well as businesses. If you have a corporate sports league or are sponsoring a team, we can create patches for you.

With our extensive record of creating high-quality patches for small and leading brands throughout the U.S., we're confident that we're your go-to service for custom patches. We have the tools and skills to create lettering in a variety of colors and styles. Therefore, we can meet the needs of any brand by developing logos and emblems with fantastic finishing.

Low budget? No worries! Since our patches are competitively priced—and we have a no-minimum order policy—startups and small businesses can easily order letterman jacket patches from us.

Quality To Impress

We know that quality matters when you've got your reputation on the line. Vibrant, lasting colors, sturdy backing, and overall remarkableness are guaranteed! With Elegant Patches in charge of creating your letterman patches, you can expect the best quality on the market. We provide results that exceed the expectations of all our business clients.

Fast Turnaround

Dealing with a short-notice company sporting event for which you need custom letterman jacket patches? No worries. We'll get right to creating your patches as soon as you finalize your order. Artwork digitization, sample creation, final lineup, shipping, and delivery—we handle every stage diligently. You can rely on us!

Customer Support

Designing brand patches for letterman jackets can be a challenging feat, especially if you've got everyone's expectations to fulfill. Lucky for you, if you've chosen Elegant Patches, you're in dependable hands. We know patches. Our customer support is readily available for any queries, information, design support, and after-sales services.

Custom Letterman Patches FAQs

Why Us

Q: Do you only create chenille patches for letterman jackets?

Traditionally, letterman or varsity jackets feature chenille patches, as these have an immaculate, concise, and vibrant look. However, as per your request, we can create other patches for sporting jackets.

Q: Can you create custom patches within one order?

Yes. If you need names, ranks, and other details differentiating in patches in one order, we can make that happen. Get letterman patches suitable for playoff recognition with Elegant Patches!

Q: What kind of image do you need for patches?

Send us your image file in vector format, preferably in a resolution greater than 300. The better the quality of your artwork, the better your final patch product will look.

Q: What kind of backing do you do for letterman patches?

We suggest you get either sew-on or iron-on patches for letterman jackets. For larger patches, such as back patches, sew-on patches are ideal for intactness longevity. For smaller patches, you can choose iron-on.

Q: What is the minimum amount of patches I need to order?

We require no minimums. If you need less than 10 patches for your little league, we’ll pay the same level of care and attention to detail to your order as we do for larger orders.

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