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Which Patches Make the Best Jacket Patches

Which Patches Make the Best Jacket Patches

While custom patches are used and look gorgeous on an array of clothing and accessories, the charm of jacket patches is unmatched!

The question is, what kind of patches look the most appealing of the lot? Embroidered and chenille patches, leather and woven patches, PVC and sublimated patches—the choices are many, and the winner can be just one for the next round of orderingcustom jacket patches.

This guide will discuss the most common choices for jacket patches to help you decide your choice of custom patches for the best jacket patches!

Custom Patches For The Best Jacket Patches? Let’s Discuss Our Candidates!

You can order various types of custom patches online, but only a handful of these are popularly chosen for different jackets. Take a look.


Classic, elegant, and very versatile—embroidered patches are popular for a range of uses. From lapel emblems on uniforms, to sponsoring business logos on sports jerseys, to embroidered keychains with scout club symbols, embroidered patches make great means of branding on clothing and accessories (read Embroidered Or Chenille – Which Is Ideal For Scout Patches?)

Embroidered patches are one of the common choices as custom patches for the best jacket patches. You can choose embroidered patches as large as over 10 inches and add intricate lettering and patterns to your final design.

You can get two types of custom embroidered patches for jackets. The first is hot-cut patches, which have no border and are finished using a heat-seal method. Your other choice is a merrowed patch, which comprises a border sewn with over-lock stitching.

  • The weaved pattern means that you can go for complex designs with minimal overlaps.
  • Embroidered patches are quite durable and work well against many fabrics.
  • As far as large embroidered patches go, you may get a much higher quote than some other patches.
  • Since these are crafted using a weave style of stitching, embroidered patches may fray and lose the original texture over time.
  • Embroidered patches are beautiful but not quite vibrant since these are made using threads.


Chenille patches are possibly the most popular custom patches for the best jacket patches. These patches are a varsity uniform staple since the only kind of patch that goes with a varsity letterman jacket is chenille. You'll see very rare exceptions where other kinds of patches are used on varsity jackets in schools, colleges, and local and national leagues.

In addition to styling letterman jackets, biker leather jackets and hipster denim jackets are also common mediums for chenille patches (read How to Turn Your Artwork Into Custom Chenille Patches). Since chenille patches are crafted using the down-up style of stitching, resulting in a texture that's reminiscent of a rugged towel or a small-fiber rug, these look very vibrant.

Given that jacket patches need to be large for visibility, the final look of a chenille patch is suitable. If you’re looking to create custom patches for branded sports team jackets or for a clothing line with artsy jackets, chenille patches are the way to go!

  • Chenille patches result in vivid colors, and the texture is equally appealing.
  • Since chenille patches are vivid, these stand out the best on jackets, which is why chenille patches are ideal for lettering patches for sports jackets and jersey patches.
  • Ordering chenille patches on a budget is easy, as these patches are generally affordable.
  • Chenille patches are not prone to losing their original look after laundry cycles. Since the texture is rugged, to begin with, extensive use has little effect on the charm of these artsy pieces!
  • You cannot choose intricate and complicated designs for chenille patches because the details can get lost in the distinctive, rugged texture of these patches.

Interested In Ordering Chenille Patches Online?

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Leather patches encapsulate elegance, comprising an essence that no other patches can match! These custom patches possess a distinctive allure and are remarkably effective in terms of branding, especially exuding an air of refinement on jackets and jeans.

You will often find high-end clothes adorned with leather patches bearing brand logos and other details. For custom patches for the best jacket patches, leather patches are usually present on the lapel or the pockets, with sizes ranging from small to medium.

  • Leather patches are subtle, perfect for giving off an air of exquisiteness and luxury if you want to market niche clothing and accessories.
  • You are not limited to simple leather patches; choose from different effects, including heat embossing, debossing, printing, and weaving.
  • If you are looking for something more colorful, you are better off choosing something like chenille patches rather than leather patches since the latter can be subtle.
  • Leather patches are not compatible with iron-on backing since the heat of the iron can ruin the surface of the leather.

These patches are also known as dye sublimation, sublimated, or printed patches, created by transferring sublimation inks onto mesh backing using special printers. It's a lot like printing ink onto paper, which is why sublimated patches are often used for replicating photographs on fabric.

You can use sublimation patches for various purposes since you're not limited to vector graphics—and get attractive results. On jackets, these patches create a unique and remarkable look.

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  • Capture graphic details accurately and beautifully with these patches. You can replicate complete photographs for custom jacket patches.
  • Sublimated patches can be quite expensive since the process involves using advanced printers and inks for transferring colors onto a mesh background.
  • If you want a raised texture to add more depth to your jackets, then sublimated patches may not be as suitable as something more profound, such as sports chenille patches for letterman jackets.

So, Which Are The Winning Custom Jacket Patches?

While all custom patches products offer distinct advantages, chenille patches may be the go-to guy for remarkable custom jacket patches. Lively, durable, and easy to apply, chenille patches check all the boxes when you want easy and beautiful patches!

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