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Ordering Chenille Patches On a Budget

Ordering Chenille Patches On a Budget

Chenille patches are one of the most attractive options for customizing clothing and accessories, as these make a bold statement. From the ever-popular letterman jackets to fabric totes that need a creative upgrade, chenille patches have a wide array of uses...with charming results!

So, you’ve decided to order chenille patches, but you’re working with a limited cost. How do you get chenille patches on a budget?

You can get a higher quote for your design or a lower quote—which depends on a number of factors. Altering these to lower overall costs does not mean you have to settle for subpar quality or aesthetics; all it takes is a few smart choices to order chenille patches on a budget!

A Brief Guide To Chenille Patches On A Budget

Chenille patches are eye candy, whether we're talking simple logo patches for sports team jerseys or larger vibrant patches on biker club jackets. You can unleash your brand identity with chenille patches. There’s no reason why you can’t get these for branding or personal use—even with a limited budget.

Here are a few simple steps to get the design of your choice transformed into gorgeous chenille patches.

Simple Shapes For The Win

Chenille patches (or any other kinds of patches) have come a long way, and manufacturers can now create patches in different shapes—hexagons and curves and all.

However, if you want to get your custom chenille patches on a budget, then consider sticking to simpler shapes unless it is absolutely necessary to go for complex edges. Circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles can help keep your quote low when ordering chenille patches since creating these without too many edges and curves minimizes manufacturing time and effort.

Fewer Colors = Lower Quote

It goes without saying that more colors mean a higher cost, and vice versa.

The great news is that when ordering chenille patches, fewer colors make a better impact than more colors. The texture of chenille patches is quite unique—with the likeness of a rug. This is why chenille patches are the ultimate choice for you. The threads are a tad more "scattered" than traditional embroidered patches, and more colors may mean a messier design.

On the other hand, fewer colors bring out the beauty of your design, and, as you're aiming for, keep costs low. Since you have a limited number of colors to work with, choose a mix of colors that complement each other especially if you want to highlight a logo symbol or name.

Do You To Order Custom Chenille Patches On A Budget?

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Limit The Patch Size

The bigger the patch, the higher the price. Knocking off even a couple centimeters off the size may reduce the cost considerably, and enable you to get chenille patches on a budget with ease.

It's understandable you want to go for a larger size when ordering chenille patches for letterman or biker jackets. However, for patches that go on the front of a garment, on caps, bags, and other common mediums, a smaller size works just as well to add pizzazz.

Your patch should be just large enough to be visible and understandable from a small distance. Chenille patches have a unique lively look, so you can easily choose a small size and still get patches that make an impact!

Be Sure Of Your Design

It’s a standard practice by patch manufacturers to offer the client the space to make a few changes after a sample is created—with emphasis on a “few”. If you decide to alter most of the patch design too late into the process, you may have to fulfill extra charges.

So, be sure before you proceed to successfully order chenille patches on a budget.

Once you submit the design for the patches, you will receive a digitized version of the patch. This is basically an image of how your design will look once crafted out of yarn. This stage is also where you can make changes without extra costs.

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Avoid Other Additional Charges

There are a number of ways you can bump up your patch costs when ordering chenille patches—and the goal is to avoid these.

  • When it comes to chenille patches, choose a backing that costs less overall. The material and texture of these patches allow you to go for any backing: sew-on, iron-on, or Velcro.
  • Which backing is the cheaper choice for you? For instance, iron-on backing may cost extra, but if you intend to get sew-on patches professionally stitched, your overall cost may up further down the road. Iron-on patches are easy to apply (read How To Iron On Chenille Patches).
  • Avoid going for a rush order, as express shipping costs more. Know when you need your patches, and make sure the order delivery date is assigned sooner.
  • Another way to bump down shipping costs is by ordering chenille patches from manufacturers who partner with a delivery company that charges less.
  • While add-ons such as an embroidered border or metallic threads may be appealing, skip these when you’re working with a limited budget.
Bulk Orders Get Discounts

Ordering chenille patches on a budget means that you may have to increase the quantity to bump down the average cost.

The first step in a smart route to cheap patches is to shop around and compare prices. Go for a chenille patch manufacturer that offers low cost—with no compromises in quality. Also, ask about their minimum order quantity. A low minimum limit is a superb incentive if you need sports chenille patches for letterman jacket, extracurricular school club patches, or any other purpose.

Next up, try to match the minimum order limit. If it takes ordering a few patches extra to meet the minimum, then increase the quantity (unless you feel these patches may go to waste).

The larger your order, the lower the cost per patch. If you are ordering logo patches for customer service employees, how about a larger order where you can store the extras for new hires?

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