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Tips for Designing and Wearing Embroidered Patches

Tips for Designing and Wearing Embroidered Patches

When it comes to customizing clothes, whether for branding or to add some pizzazz, embroidered patches are the way to go! Professional, serious, or fun, choose any theme to like and get onto designing these patches with confidence, as embroidered patches have a very refined look.

Work with a trusted patch manufacturer, and you get super durable and absolutely stunning custom patches. You can choose any shape and color range you want, and select from a varied size range.

That said, you could use some tips to design great-looking patches…and some tips for wearing embroidered patches for maximum appeal and longevity!

Essential Tips For Designing Embroidered Patches

We’ve listed a few simple tips to design embroidered patches, following which you can get patches that fit your purpose and medium of application. Plus, we’ve included tips for wearing embroidered patches, so that you can make the most of your investment!

How To Design Embroidered Patches With The Right Size

When you're designing embroidered patches, the first thing to think about is the size. It's important to get the width and height just right according to what the patch will go on.

For instance, jacket patches are large, shirt lapel patches are small, cap patches are medium (just big enough to be visible), keychain patches are one of the smallest sized ones, and so on. There are so many awesome ways to style embroidered patches; make sure you get the size right for aesthetic appeal.

If your embroidered patch appears too small against its background, it won't be noticeable. On the other hand, it will look overdone if it's too big. If you're making letter patches, make sure the words are easy to read.

Ways To Design Embroidered Patches Colors

Next up in designing custom embroidered patches, choose the right combination of colors. It’s crucial that you pick colors that lift the features of the patch rather than jumble things up (read Dos & Don’ts of Creating Custom Embroidered Patches). Moreover, the overall tone of the patch should match your brand, and stay the highlight of the piece of garment it is on rather than blending in.

Consider contrasts. If you’ve already got a branding and marketing strategy in place and know what you’ll apply your patches on, make sure the patch gets a lifted look.

Add a border if you have similar patch and background colors—either because you can't change the colors of a logo or emblem, or because you’ve got to work with the garment colors you’re given. A merrowed edge patch is perfect for introducing a color that "separates" your patch from its medium.

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Bold & Loud Designs Are Your Best Bet

When creating embroidery patches, whether for clothing or accessories, for immediate use, or for gifting purposes, choose vibrant colors, bold typography, and eye-catching designs.

This is especially vital for logo patches or any patches intended for promotional purposes. For patches that are small, you need to prioritize colors even more and choose designs that will grab people's attention. Loud color patches are perfect when you are creating custom patches on a budget, as you don’t need to add any extra element to up its oomph factor!

When you are considering tips for designing embroidered patches, focus on making your custom patches stand out. First, use contrasting elements. Neutral, light, and pastel edges work well as a canvas for bold designs. You want to capture people's attention and draw their focus to the patch the instance they look at what it’s on. Talk to your patch artist to get help in creating a design that is visually appealing.

How To Wear Embroidered Patches With Metallic Work

The short answer is metallic thread. Shining additions that (quite literally!) make your custom embroidered patches shine!

Metallic threads are super popular for embroidered patches as these can make your logos and emblems shine, and create a significant difference in appearance. Plus, metallics add a touch of charm to custom patches—you can choose certain features, such as letters or single-tone logos, to be done in metallic.

As a result, your design becomes even more vibrant and diverts attention to important elements, such as the name of the company on a uniform or the state symbol on a moto jacket patch.

Another way to ‘highlight’ your embroidered patches is to use neon threads. These make an unforgettable impact, especially when paired with dark surrounding colors. Rest assured when choosing neons that the contrast in these embroidered patches is funky and quite visually appealing!

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Choosing A Finish: Hot Cut or Merrowed Edge?

One of the important tips for designing embroidered patches is choosing the right finishing touch. Would you like your patches served hot-cut style, or do you want to add in a merrowed edge?

First, understand what hot-cut custom embroidered patches are. The patch is cut of out its felt or mesh backing using a heat cutter, a process that also seals the edge so that it doesn’t fray. These patches are flatter and thus more flexible.

As for merrowed edge patches, these comprise borders (in any color you prefer), that create a raised look. Merrowed edge patches feature an emphasized appearance, which is perfect if you're planning to put it on a vibrantly colored or printed surface.

With embroidered patches, you select perfect types of custom patches for clothing and accessories. Each finish for embroidered patches has its unique benefits for clothing too. For malleable patches, choose hot-cut, whereas consider leaning toward merrowed edges if you prefer a border to separate your patch from its background.

Ways To Wear Embroidered Patches: Choosing A Backing

Wondering how to wear embroidered patches? The backside layer, also called the 'backing' of the patch, is added according to your requirements when you place an order for customized embroidery patches.

You’ve got four ways to attach these to desired clothes or accessories: sew-on, iron-on, Velcro (hook-and-loop), and peeling sticky backing.

For embroidered patches, choose any one you prefer, there are no restrictions. Unlike leather or PVC patches, which you can iron on a surface, you have no such limitations to worry about when choosing tips to wear embroidered patches.

For easy application, iron-on patches work best. You can add these on any surface that is compatible with a clothes iron (read Top Benefits of Custom Iron-On Embroidered Patches). Even caps and hats fit the bill, provided you are careful when applying a patch.

Using an iron to attach patches on non-fabric surfaces may be impractical. For a perfect result, go for sew-on embroidered patches, and get these professionally stitched on. That way, you can be sure they'll stay in place, last long, and look fantastic.

Designing Embroidered Patches with Elegant Patches

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