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7 Awesome Ways to Style Embroidered Patches In 2023

7 Awesome Ways to Style Embroidered Patches In 2023

When it comes to ways to style embroidered patches, you've got ready-made patches for uniforms and institution emblems. However, the sky's the limit when it comes to custom patches. If you love the look and feel of embroidered patches, there are so many more ways to incorporate these into your everyday life.

Creative Trend Of Embroidered Patches

Today’s guide is all about custom embroidered patches—specifically the latest ways to use these. Read on for some innovative ideas.

1- Home Décor Adornments

Statement pieces are quite popular in different areas of lifestyle these days, everything from fashion to home décor. How about considering ways to style embroidered patches on home linens?

There are so many options. You can use embroidered patches as home décor for gifting or to revamp your own place:

  • Level up plain cushion covers with embroidered patches. Chenille patches are also a beautiful choice, but when you consider embroidery patch vs. chenille patch, the former can be more durable.
  • Picture frames are a thing of the past. With minimalistic pieces leading the trends of home décor, it's a fine time to create embroidered patches for picture frames on fabric backgrounds.
  • Embroidered patches also look amazing on towels. It's like adding a little touch of your personal likes and preferences to every corner of the home. Embroidered patch hand towels also make sweet housewarming gifts.
2- Badges Of Passion & Association

There are so many ways to wear an embroidered patch and many more reasons to wear these. When it comes to expressing associations, uniform patches or brand patches aren't the only kind people order. Customized embroidered patches are also popular for showcasing symbols of one's passions and dedications.

So, whether you abide by and support green practices in everyday life, have compassion towards animals and their welfare, or need to let out your inner Taylor Swift fan in a subtle way—there's a patch for it!

One of the many benefits of using custom embroidery patches is that you can convert any artwork into a patch—featuring letterings, shapes, patterns, faces, and so much more.

Looking For Trendy Embroidered Patches?

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3- Personalized Coffee Cup Covers

When it comes to carefully thought-out personalized gifts, the more appealing and useful, the better. And nothing says I care about you as well as a coffee cup cover with a little artsy patch for a personal touch. The trend of embroidered patches on everyday useful items is on the rise—everything from cushions to diary covers.

Personalized coffee cup covers are usually made out of crochet or knitting, and custom patches can complement these perfectly. You can go for either embroidered or woven patches, but the former has a more similar texture to the cup cover (read Woven Patch Vs Embroidered Patch).

4- Customized School/College Bags 110

Not so keen about conforming to the boring school accessories? When life gives you a canvas on your everyday items, you splash on some patches!

There are different ways to wear an embroidered patch on both clothing and accessories. As mentioned earlier, you can use embroidered patches on shoes. These also look cool on bags. How about patches for your after-school clubs or sports teams?

You can also be a part of the ongoing social discussions by displaying an embroidered patch for various causes.

Here’s a handy tip: if you aren’t keen on keeping a single patch on too long on your bag—such as awareness patches which are good for about a month or two—then opt for trendy embroidered patches with Velcro backing. It's 2023, and you are well on your way to talking about everything that matters to you with pride and passion!

5- Festive Commemorative Symbols

Breast cancer awareness, Earth Day, Fourth of July, and so on—there are hundreds of reasons to celebrate. Thus, there are so many reasons to wear patches. There's the latest fashion trend of dressing for every occasion for Instagram and other social media photos to stay in the spotlight.

However, if you’re not one to adhere to the fast fashion industry, how about going simpler? You’re more environmentally conscious and no less joyous than others on commemorations…by wearing custom embroidered patches. One of the many dos creating custom embroidered patches is to go for designs that you can use repeatedly. A single custom commemorative patch can last you for years and years!

Need To For Custom Embroidered Patches?

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6- Old-To-New Clothing Projects

Not sure to go about fixing a beloved old leather jacket or a pair of jeans without botching the stitch work? How about placing a patch on the tears and frays instead?

Embroidered patches are extremely versatile when it comes to clothing. There are endless ways to wear an embroidered patch; you can use these for logos and other branding symbols, blend within the overall design, add to fix a problem, and so on.

Also, embroidered patches are low-maintenance—safe for both hand and machine wash (read how to clean custom embroidered patches?) So, patching your clothes with embroidery design should be a seamless affair in every way!

Tip: Embroidered patches look superb on accessories too. Need to make your old sneakers new again? Introducing: mini custom embroidered patches for artsy, funky footwear!

7- Patches For Rewards & Ranks

As time goes on, we become more creative in every way. Using embroidered patches for rewards and ranks in different parts of life is the latest trend.

  • Instead of employee of the month frames, how about the same design but as a wearable patch?
  • Custom embroidered patches are a great alternative for mugs. We're talking about the best teacher, boss, mom, dad, grandma patches, and so on.
  • Academic institutions often use sashes to assign ranks. However, given that these can be a bit cumbersome, many places have shifted to patches.

The ways to style embroidered patches are creative and limitless! Create your own embroidered patches to introduce some diversity and style in your place of study or work.

Creative Embroidered Patches With Elegant Patches

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