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Top Benefits of Custom Iron-On Embroidered Patches

Top Benefits of Custom Iron-On Embroidered Patches

When it comes to the fastest way of customizing clothes and accessories with embroidered patches, nothing's better than choosing the iron-on backing. All it takes is a few seconds to add a new look to an old belonging, or even use the patches for effective branding purposes.

Custom Embroidered Patches – How To Apply These

Custom patches are not a recent invention; these pieces of art have been around for ages, used by businesses to design and place their logo on their products, by the military for identification and assigning ranks, by scout clubs to reward the young members on their gaining new skills, and so on.

The versatility of customized patches is unmatched, whether we’re talking about branding clothes and accessories or merely decorating them.

Of course, embroidered patches are a favorite, due to the signature classic look and ease of use. There are a few ways one can go about attaching custom embroidered patches:

- By Sewing On

Embroidered patches and sew-on backing—it's an undefeated couple. In fact, sew-on backing is popular in nearly all types of patches, including custom chenille patches and PVC patches.

Patches with sew-on backing (also called backless patches), are convenient when you can’t apply heat (i.e. iron) to the surface, or you want your patch to latch on well.

- Through Velcro

Velcro backing—also known as hook and snap backing—is an ideal choice when you need temporary patches.

A good example of Velcro patches is military morale patches, which often bear comic or less-than-polite graphics and statements. Thus, with Velcro backing, these can be removed in formal situations, such as meeting with a superior officer.

These are less easy to apply compared to iron-on patches (read Iron-On Vs. Velcro Chenille Patches) but are quite useful nonetheless.

- By Ironing (Adhesive Backing)

The third method of applying patches is by ironing them, and further on we’ll be discussing the benefits of custom iron-on embroidered patches. Read on.

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Key Benefits Of Iron-On Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches in iron-on backing are now increasingly popular since these are convenient in several ways. Explore the benefits of custom iron-on embroidered patches for different purposes.

Hassle-Free Application

One of the most appreciated benefits of custom iron-on embroidered patches is that applying these patches is as easy as ABC.

All you need is an iron, the item you want to apply the patch on, and the custom embroidered patch itself (Learn How To Do Ironing On Patches Correctly here). Hence the reason iron-on patches are a favorite amongst brands using these pieces for merchandising purposes.

The ultimate goal, when you use these patches as gifts in festive corporate packages or as giveaways at public events, is that people actually use these. It's (sort of) free publicity when people wear your brand's symbol, and iron-on patches are convenient.

Cost-Effective Patches

This may be a tad confusing for first-time users of customized patches, but iron-on patches may be cheaper than the sew-on kind. The benefits of custom iron-on embroidered patches are many, but let's face it—at the end of the day, you want to save bucks when making large purchases.

Although you may pay more for the iron-activated adhesive backing on your order of customized patches, you’re forgetting the cost of stitching when it comes to bulk orders.

Say you have to order patches for employee uniforms for a retail business. By choosing sew-on patches, you pay for patches…and then for stitching. With iron-on patches, you just pay for the patches. Latching these to garments is very simple—you can even delegate that task to the employees themselves!

Numerous Compatible Materials

One of the best benefits of iron-on embroidered patches—is that you can apply iron-on patches to various materials, including cotton, polyester, canvas, and denim.

Most common materials that make up clothing and accessories are compatible with iron-on patches. Plus, if you choose high-quality patches, you get a product that does not fade or fray from the heat of an iron, and the adhesive-laid backing is strong and durable even after numerous laundry cycles.

For those who want to add custom iron-on patches to every day belongings such as shirts, jackets, caps, and backpacks, iron-on patches are hassle-free (read Creative Ways To Wear Iron-On Patches).

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Perfect For Revamping

Old but beloved clothes and their holes and frays got you down in the dumps?

Here’s a solution: Why not make the most of the benefits of iron-on embroidered patches and use these for a refurbishment?

Custom patches make an excellent means of hiding the defects in your clothing, especially when it comes to jackets, jeans, and bags. There's no wrong way to place patches on these items, and you can go ahead and sneakily cover that hole with an iron-on embroidered patch.

Of course, we suggest mending the fault in the fabric first before you iron on the patch so that it sticks properly and lasts well.

Ironing On Custom Embroidered Patches

Not sure how to iron on chenille patches or embroidered patches? It’s simple!

  • 1. You need your patch, an iron, a flat surface (such as an ironing board), and a thin cloth or parchment paper.
  • 2. Set your iron at the temperature suited to the embroidered patch (ask your manufacturer about the correct heat level).
  • 3. Place the fabric item on which you want to attach the embroidered patch on your flat surface.
  • 4. Position the patch adhesive-side down, in the correct place—as you may not get a do-over.
  • 5. Carefully put your thin cloth/parchment paper on top as a means to avoid damaging the patch with direct heat.
  • 6. Place the preheated iron on your layers, and press firmly for 10 seconds, applying even pressure across the edges and the middle.
  • 7. Remove your iron and gently check if the patch is fully attached. If not, repeat the previous process.
  • 8. Leave the embroidered patch to cool down before you pick up the item you placed your patch on.

As you can already tell, this process is much easier than if you were to sew the patch on (read Iron-On Vs Sew-On Patch).

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