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Learn How To Do Ironing On Patches Correctly

For everyone who is fond of the latest fashion trends, would know that iron-on patches have become an apt way of enhancing the aesthetics of your clothes. The clothing decorated with patches is becoming the fashion trend and even the big names like Gucci and Marc Jacobs have given this fashion trend a satisfactory nod. On the contrary, ironing on patches can be a real struggle for some people but we have outlined this article to help you out!

Preparation of Iron

To begin with, ironing on patches demand well-prepared iron. So, before you paste the patch on the piece of clothing, you need to set the iron to the highest temperature setting. In addition, before you affix the patch, ensure that you are using the right material. This is because these patches paste perfectly with polyester and cotton fabrics. On the contrary, if you iron on the patches on rain jacket material or nylon and rayon, you will have issues!

Place the Patch

Once you have prepared the iron and heated it at the highest heat setting, you need to place the patch in the right place. This is because once you place the patch and put the iron on, you cannot go back and the effort will go in vain. We suggest using the measuring tape if you want to place the patch on the center. On the contrary, if you want to paste patches on the lapels on the sleeves, pin them in the desired place before ironing on patches and check it out in the mirror.

Pressing Cloth

Once you are sure that the patch is in the upright position, you need to look for the pressing cloth as it helps protect the patch and surface of the fabric. For this purpose, place the pressing cloth between the iron and patch. You need to press the iron on the patch for around one minute. On the contrary, you shouldn’t move the iron because it can shift the patch’s position.


If you have pasted and ironed on the patch to the fabric, you need to flip the fabric and lay it on the ironing board. In simpler words, you need to press iron from the reverse side and iron it again. You must press down the iron at the highest heat settings for around thirty seconds on the reverse side; it ensures that the patch is attached to the fabric securely. Also, before you wear the piece of clothing, let the patch cool down!