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Letterman Patches For Different Sports Club

Letterman Patches For Different Sports Club

Custom letterman jacket patches and sports go hand in hand. In addition to outerwear, these patches are also used on jerseys, tees, caps, and other accessories. Letterman patches are chenille patches, very vibrant and durable. Given how long-lasting the patches are and how fantastic they look, these are very popular for logos, symbols, and lettering on sportswear. Therefore, you will find a wide variety of letterman patches for different sports clubs.

The U.S. is one of the leading countries throughout the world in the world of sports, not just for variety but for authority too. There are many names in American sports history associated with breaking records, which is why you will find letterman patches for different sports clubs from the U.S. in other parts of the world too.

Top Custom Letterman Patches For Different Sports Club

If you’re interested in knowing more about custom patches and the sports clubs these are used for, read on.

1. Baseball & Softball Club Patches

Baseball—it’s a sport as American as apple pie. In fact, baseball is known as the country's national pastime. The star-studded Major League Baseball (MLB), the top professional baseball league in the U.S., is a prime inspiration for custom sports patches.

Baseball patches are usually the letter patches you see on the front and back of baseball jerseys. Baseball caps also feature custom letterman patches, which can be ironed on or Velcro-ed too (read Iron-On Vs. Velcro Chenille Patches to learn more). There are hundreds of baseball leagues around the country, each with its own creative logos and color themes.

The wide popularity of the sport means that there are endless ideas and top-of-the-line manufacturing tech available for baseball letterman patches for different sports clubs.

2. Football & Soccer Club Patches

The National Football League (NFL) not only leads #1 in all major sports leagues in the U.S. but also in passion for sports patch enthusiasts. American football is at the top of the list for American sports lovers.

Therefore, custom football patches are one of the most patches around. Football is also the leading sport (next to track sports) in high schools around the U.S., which is why you will find hundreds of custom lettermen patch designs.

While soccer is more popular in Europe, there has been a growing interest in the sport in the U.S. There are various soccer leagues in the country—the leading being Major League Soccer (MLS). Soccer patches are very common in local leagues too, especially in colleges and universities in the U.S. with a higher percentage of foreign students.

The jerseys are usually printed with player names and colors, though you will find custom patches for these pieces of apparel too. The primary use of letterman patches for football and soccer are the well-known varsity jackets. Styling jackets with chenille letter patches is quite easy if you’re getting your own patches made.

3. Basketball Club Patches

Most people in the U.S. play basketball more than any other sport in the U.S. Therefore, basketball letterman patches for different sports clubs are quite popular.

Starting from a basketball hoop in the backyard, to the high school team, to a championship league—there are various stages of a player's life, each with its own glory…and patches!

In addition to football, varsity jackets are also a primary part of basketball teams—and so are the letterman patches. NBA (National Basketball Association) patches are the most popular types of basketball letterman patches, not just for jackets, jerseys, caps, and other fan merchandise but also for sports-themed decorations.

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4. Hockey Club Patches

Field hockey and ice hockey are both played in the U.S., the letter being more popular. The National Hockey League (NHL) features talents from both U.S. and Canada.

Ice hockey clubs are, in fact, very popular in Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts (and New England in general), and New York. The sport is a part of many schools' athletic clubs, as well as a pastime. The emergence of man-made ice rinks has made the sport more famous, and you will find any sporting goods store stocked with ice hockey jerseys with creative custom chenille patches.

Due to the durability of custom sew-on patches, these are quite popular for hockey jerseys, bags, and other sports accessories.

5. Golf Club Patches

While golf is popular as a leisure sport, often a part of elite clubs for members to enjoy the activity or corporate teams to become better acquainted, it is popular at a competitive level too. Tiger Woods is primarily regarded as the pioneer of America’s reputation in the sport. Hence, you won’t be surprised that many custom letterman patches related to golf are dedicated to Woods.

Golf uniforms are a tad more informal than most sports uniforms. However, golf teams have their own specific symbol and colors. Custom letterman golf patches can be added to polo shirts. Other uses of letterman jacket patches for golf include bags and visors.

6. Bowling Club Patches

When talking about letterman patches for different sports clubs, you can't miss one of the most fun sports—bowling!

Bowling isn't your typical sport, which brings down the formality required in many sports uniforms. Bowling jackets are some of the most creatively designed jackets you'll see, with an array of patches. Since bowling is often used as a fun group activity in election campaigns, marketing advertisements, and so on, bowling jackets are often adorned with various custom letterman and embroidered jackets.

You can get custom letterman patches for your local, state, national, and even international bowling team as a club founder, player, or cheering spectator. You can also get custom patches for bowling jerseys and bowling ball bags and totes (read How To Turn Your Artwork Into Custom Chenille Patches to learn more). Show off the colors of your team with some fantastic patches!

7. Wrestling Club Patches

Wrestling and jackets go together, and so do custom patches. One of the facts about chenille patches is that they are popular for biker jackets. And, much like biker jackets, wrestling jackets are also usually leather with striking contrasting patches.

Primary patches represent the team, such as the club in the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). Other patches include symbols that are relevant or important to the wrestlers. Custom wrestling patches also include sponsor patches.

Wrestling patches are designed to be intimidating, which is why these are some of the most interesting patches you'll find. You can get these patches made for your own jackets to support your favorite pro wrestler or team. Learn How To Iron-On Chenille Patches for bowling jackets.

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