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How to Design Creative Embroidered Patches for Jackets?

How to Design Creative Embroidered Patches for Jackets?

It is never too late to exhibit your love for creativity. If fashion is progressing day by day, then this is the right time to choose what embraces your heart.

Your clothing style also depicts your fashion sense. What you are wearing or what embellishments you prefer to add actually describe your taste in vogue.

To select and design embroidered patches for jackets, there is a strategic plan you should follow. Elegant Patches has listed the essential steps of that plan to help your creative dreams flourish.

Pick a Design for Embroidered Patches for Jackets

You have made up your mind to only pick embroidery designs. No other type of embellishment is alluring you right now. Therefore, there is uncertainty between tailor-made and self-made patches.

Which one would you adore to select? If custom embroidered patches suit your needs the most, then you can head to our products. Also, there are other online and physical markets to buy from.

But, if not, then DIY is the most suitable terminology the internet can ever name for an approach. Do-it-yourself will require you to look at the design tutorials first and gather all the significant supplies.

Then, you will wear thick glasses to scrutinize the tip of the needle carefully. This may reduce the mistakes and redos but can take an abundance of your time. Still, the choice is all yours.

However, if this is not working for you, check out this article on the costs of custom patches. The tailor-made designs can range from floral and celestial to skeletons.

Furthermore, while looking for stitching pattern types, there are backstitches, running stitches, French knots, and more. As per Vogue Knitting, the garter stitch is the easiest one.

Decide Where to Stitch the Embroidered Patches for Jackets

The parts of the jackets are either visible or non-visible. Most people prefer the prominence of the effort they are making in embroidery. Therefore, we are just stating the outer components for embroidery patches.


Sleeves cover a wide area on jackets. They are on both sides as well, unless you have chosen an overly funky outerwear. Also, stitching patches on sleeves gives you a sense of having a painless tattoo.


Lapels are unable to offer large coverage. However, if shopping for brooches or lapel pins is not your style, then tilt your concentration to creative embroidered patches for jackets.


Jackets have a multitude of pockets. Sometimes, you don’t even know how many there are. Well, for the ones you know, attaching creative embroidered patches for jackets is an exquisite idea.


Collars are not just for carrying your fallen hair; they require a bit of attention and nourishment, just like the rest of the jacket. Small and intricate patches are apt for this part.

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Accumulate Essential Supplies

If you are going to stitch embroidery patches on your jacket, gather the items below.

Embroidery Floss Spools

They possess tube shapes. Depending on your design preferences, you can choose any color of thread. Moreover, to add a little shine, you can bring glossy threads as well.


Whether to cut thread or shape patches, scissors are always handy.


This is the main ingredient of the patch-designing recipe. Although their sizes depend on the width of threads, you can prioritize your comfort instead.

Embroidery Hoops

They assist in stretching the fabric for stitching. Besides, they comprise two hoops that can snugly fit to hold the piece of cloth tightly.


Thimbles protect your fingers from getting hurt during stitching embroidery on your jacket patches.

Start Designing Embroidered Patches for Jackets

  • You take a similar fabric type for the patch to make it look more appropriate.
  • You do not have to cut that fabric into a patch first; do it after stitching the embroidery.
  • Take the piece of fabric and fit it inside the embroidery hoops
  • Make sure the hoops are seamlessly stretching the fabric
  • Thread the needle as per your selected embroidery pattern
  • Start stitching, and once done, remove the hoops
  • For attaching the patch to the jacket, you should know the material of the patch
  • Depending on the material, you can sew, iron, or glue, amongst other methods.

Stitching Embroidery Designs Yourself Is Hard, Isn’t It?

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How to Design Creative Embroidered Patches for Jackets? Miscellaneous Ideas

  • You can read a guide on awesome ways to style embroidered patches in 2023.
  • When picking a design for your jacket’s patch, you should keep in mind the differences between formal and informal styles.
  • Festival-themed designs are always in trend. Christmas 2023 is on its way; therefore, Santa Claus patches are astounding.
  • You can relive past events as well, such as considering Halloween-themed patches.
  • If it’s your wedding day, consider attaching a patch with a heart design or the name of your bride. We recommend attaching it to the inner side.
  • Design a patch with the face of your beloved celebrity. In this way, you can worship that celebrated person every day.
  • The embroidery can accompany other embellishments too, like rhinestones, beads, artificial flowers, or multiple fabric types.
  • The quality of threads and patch material should possess an exposure protection feature. Sunlight, detergent, or water should not have any impact on it.
  • Embroidery patches also look cool on kid’s jackets. They are apt for school festivals and even for routine wear.
  • For kids, investigate what their favorite cartoon or superhero characters are. They would adore seeing Captain America with his shield shining because of the glossy threads you utilized.


Designing embroidery patches might seem effort-oriented for some. But in actuality, it is quite an enjoyable task. This process lets you learn a lot, and eventually, you start respecting your grandmothers more.

Not only this, there are loads of online shopping options that sell exquisite patches for all kinds of jackets. Luckily, we are one of them. So, let us remind you again that we seek love. Please spare some time and dive a little deeper into our website!