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How Much Do Custom Patches Cost?


There's a world of custom patches out there. Each patch has its unique features; from embroidered patches to PVC patches, the applications are endless. Branding, festive decorations, gifting, and more—you can use patches to enhance the look and add value to any type of clothing and accessories.

That said, creating custom patches requires expense. Like any marketing tool, you need to invest before you can get recognition and growth. So, how much does it cost to get custom patches?

Custom Patch Pricing – A Guide

To answer ‘how much do custom patches cost?’ we need to look at the factors that affect patch pricing. Here’s each characteristic of your custom patch order that affects the final quote:

Size & Shape

The bigger the size of your patch, the more it costs. While that may be the condition, you should decide the size of your patch based on the image it will show, not the final cost.

For instance, if you are ordering chenille patches on a budget, ordering small patches may be a mistake as you may end up with a jumbled mess. Going up an inch or two means you can showcase the colors and lines in a comprehensible and beautiful manner.

As for shapes, simpler forms are easier to execute. If you are working with a minimal budget for ordering customized patches, stick to primary shapes.

Color Range

Contrary to common belief, an extremely colorful custom patch is not necessarily the one that will stand out. Less is more; with limited, necessary colors and lines, your patch looks clean and attractive. This works well for those customers who need to keep their custom patch pricing low. Since you can minimize your cost by minimizing the number of colors in a patch, you can get great pricing.

Choose the range of colors according types of patches. Embroidered patches are easy to work with and are fairly clear when you choose complex graphics. Woven patches are even more seamless to process. Chenille patches have a rugger texture, so minimum possible colors only.

Sublimated and PVC patches are non-woven patches, made using a printing style, so complex patterns and multiple colors adjust well even in small-sized patches.

Need To Order Custom Patches Online?

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Additional Features

Do you want merrowed edge embroidered patches? Are you considering choosing 3D PVC patches over 2D PVC patches? Do you need screen-printed leather patched to add a pop of color to the classic tan background?

Make sure to ask about the prices for all these ‘extras’ before you ask how much do custom patches cost! We recommend adding some pizzazz to your custom patches to make them stand out, but if you have a limited marketing budget, go for simple patches with no bells and whistles.

If you go for high-quality patch manufacturers, you don’t need to worry about your simple patches making an impact. As a startup or small business, additional budget are difficult to allot no matter how much you want that oomph factor, but know with great ideas to design custom-made patches and reliable patch manufacture you can get striking custom patches!

Backing Type

You’ve got four backing options when you order custom patches online.

  • Sew-on patches are the least costly of the lot, as there are no additional layers to help stick a patch to a surface. You do have to pay for professional stitching costs though, later on.
  • Iron-on patches are lined with a heat-activated adhesive layer. These may be more expensive than sew-on patches but require no professional help (read Iron On vs Sew On Patch).
  • Velcro patches are lined with Velcro (hook-and-snap) tape, so you pay extra for the material and labor to add these to your patches.

    Peel and stick patches are lined with, well, stick and peel tape. If you need patches for notebooks and journals, lockers, and similar surfaces, go for sticky patches.

We'll provide a standard custom patch pricelist below, which applies to backless (sew-on patches). You can get iron-on and Velcro features for free from certain patch manufacturers, such as when you order custom patches from Elegant Patches.

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Minimum Order

You need to order a certain number of patches to confirm booking, as it is highly unfeasible for patch manufacturers to run expensive equipment and allot labor for a small order.

The cost of running the stitching equipment (in case of embroidered, chenille, or woven patches) or the printer (in case of sublimation patches) is high. Therefore, making a higher number of patches in one go is more practical.

The minimum order limit for each type of patch differs. That said, if you go much higher than the minimum limit, and order an amount that’s considered ‘bulk’, you get discounts! Therefore, how much do custom patches cost depends on the quantity!

Cost of Your Custom Patch – A Breakdown

If you are looking to order custom patches from Elegant Patches, we promise competitive rates. You can contact our customer service for custom patches prices relevant to certain sizes and quantities (all sizes are in inches). As for a specific quote about how much do custom patches cost, start by submitting an image file with details about the kind of patches you need.

Know that you never get a fixed quote from patch manufacturers when you submit an image. When each and everything, from the type of patch to the number of colors, is personalized according to your specifications, then your order will differ from another order…and so will the price.

Order Custom Patches at Elegant Patches

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