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Sublimation Patches

Dye sublimated patches are some of the most commonly used patches out of all the subcategories. Created through an intricate process of utilizing heat to transfer a printed image onto a fabric or a patch. These sublimation patches are loved by many as they tend to be more detailed and can be created with way less efforts.

At Elegant Patches, we employ teams of highly trained and skilled professionals who are intimately versed in every level of the dye sublimation process. When you place your order with us, you will get a premium quality patch professionally sublimated. Also, you get a choice to custom make your sublimated patch as per your wishes. As a client-oriented company, Elegant Patches offers the option to get custom sublimated patches to our beloved customers so they can have exactly what they want on their sublimated patches.

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Attention to Detail and Precision

Amongst the many kinds of patches out there, sublimation patches are comparatively the most detailed oriented ones. Since the process involves a printed image being transferred as it is to a patch using extreme heat, the precision with which the sublimation patch comes out is unlike any other. Furthermore, creation of the sublimated patched takes much less time and energy.

In addition to that, with our custom sublimation patches option, our clients can provide the creativity to our process. Thus, you get a custom sublimated patch that is unparallel in terms of quality and durability. As at Elegant Patches, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all and strive to deliver exactly what our clients demands. And with a choice of backing including sublimation Velcro patch, sublimation pin-back patch and sublimation sew-on patch, our customers can pick and choose to their heart’s content.

Why Us
Why Us

Why Elegant Patches?

As one of the most established and well-respected part of the industry, we at Elegant Patches never compromise on the quality. Also, when you place an order with us, your time becomes valuable to us and your products will reach you as fast as possible. We employ the best of professionals and the latest technology to provide our clientele with unrivalled products. This is one of the foremost reasons why our customers have turned into our loyal clientele. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your next order:

Time Delivery

As a firm part of the business world ourselves, we at Elegant Patches understand that time is of essence. We respect our team’s and client’s time. For the acquisition of this goal, we have enabled a seamless and consistent pace of workflow that delivers timely results. So rest assured, you will get high quality patches at the committed time or hopefully, before time.

Premium Quality Materials

At Elegant Patches, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction above all else. Which is why we only deal in quality products. In our world, quality guarantees good reputation, and we have yet to disappoint a customer in all the years we have been in business. So, when you order with our company, you will receive nothing short of high-quality patches at extremely reasonable prices.

Free Shipping

Not only do we strive to provide quality, but when you pace an order at Elegant Patches, you can get your sublimated custom printed patches at no minimum cost! It does not matter whether you are ordering 40 patches, 10 patches or just 1, your printed patches come at no minimum value or cost. This means free shipping regardless of the number of patches!

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