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Trained and Skilled Experts along with Accessible Services

For our custom embroidery digitizing service, we have hired professional personnel with multiple years of experience. In addition to that, our experts are from all across the world and have researched, learned, and specialized in the art of embroidery digitizing. The multiple stages of digitizing can get a little confusing but worry not as our professional team of highly skilled and trained individuals will be there to aid you every step of the way.

As a customer-oriented company, Elegant Patches has always prioritized the consumers before anything else. And it is no different with our custom embroidery digitizing service as well. As our respected customer, you have full creative freedom to show your artistic side and customize each aspect of the design. From choosing the design to colors, fabric, size, patterns, etc., it's all you.

And to make it even more accessible for you, we at Elegant Patches have made the cost extremely inexpensive. Now you can custom design, get it digitized, and have it done at extremely affordable rates.

  • Left chest digitizing
  • Jacket back digitizing
  • Cap digitizing
  • Puff digitizing
  • 3D digitizing
  • Hat embroidery
  • Picture digitizing
  • Small text digitizing
  • Cross stitch
  • Chenille embroidery
  • 3D digitizing
  • Logo Digitizing

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If you are an owner of any brand and you want to step it up with futuristic tech and creative freedom, contact us for our custom embroidery digitizing service. After that just sit back and watch as your dreams turn into reality.