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Custom Chenille Patches

Custom chenille patches are one of the most popular patches, a favorite for jacket patches and other creative uses as they have been for decades. Featuring a unique textured look and vibrant colors, chenille patches go well with not just garments but also bags and other accessories.

At Elegant Patches, we provide you with the finest custom chenille patches for varsity jackets, jeans, backpacks, and any other use you need these for. Our patch artists are adept at all kinds of designs, shapes, and sizes in chenille. With a clientele spanning schools, colleges, brands, and even sports leagues throughout the U.S., you can rest assured knowing that your order of letterman jacket patches will be completed to perfection!

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Chenille Patch Design

Why Choose Elegant Patches

For starters, we excel in replicating the patch artwork perfectly, ensuring we exceed our client's expectations every time. Our patch artists provide assistance if a customer requires our expertise in creating a bespoke design for chenille patches. We hand-pick the yarn and the backing, pay close attention to color and pattern detail in the sample piece, and bring the design to reality using the latest machinery.

Custom varsity patches are our specialty, which is why our clients love the results of our custom chenille work. Small or oversized patches, we do them all. Our tech allows us to perfect details such as borders and color accuracy in any kind of chenille patches for jackets. We promise fantastic craftsmanship, durability, flexibility, and long-lasting vibrancy.

Why don’t you place an order of custom chenille patches from us to see the superior quality yourself?

High-Quality Patches

Our brand value reflects in the quality of the patches we provide, and we care about our customers' efforts and appreciation towards creating the art that is customized patches. Therefore, we use only premium quality material, manipulating these by using state-of-the-art technology to create our beautiful final chenille patches!

Free Quote & No Minimum

The best part about our custom chenille patches: we meet your budget expectations. You don't have to break the bank to order custom chenille patches. No need to worry about large minimums; if you need to order a limited number of letterman patches for your sports team or school club, we make it easy for you with a low minimum (depending on your order) to a no-minimum limit!

Quick Turnaround

We respect your time and adhere to the given timeframe for all orders. The benefit of placing your order of custom chenille patches online is that by keeping customer service digital, we focus on core processes better. We have the staff and the equipment to take on multiple orders at the same time, delivering excellent quality and maintaining quick turnaround with ease.

Excellent Customer Service

Do you have any questions about our services on queries about using chenille patches? Our customer assistance experts are readily available for follow-ups after an order or for any other reason you wish to consult our experts for. You can send us an email or start a chat with one of our reps, and we'll get back to you shortly!

Chenille Patch Design

How To Place An Order For Custom Chenille Patches Online

Creating custom chenille patches for letterman/varsity jackets, other apparel, or accessories is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is provide us with the design you want turned into an artful manipulation of high-quality yarn, and we’ll do the rest!

Step 1:Finalize Your Artwork

Send us the image that you want to convert into a patch, and let us know if you need to make any adjustments to the original design. If you don’t have a design in mind, our designers can help you out in creating one.

Chenille Patch Design
Chenille Patch Design

Step 2:Pick Your Patch

Choose the kind of patch you want your design converted into. In this case, you’ll be going for chenille patches. The kind of patch you choose matters when it comes to size and color combination. For instance, the ideal minimum size for chenille patches is 2-3 inches, and you can go up to 15 inches big.

Step 3: Choose A Backing

When it comes to chenille letters for letterman jackets, you can go for any of the main patch backings: sew-on, iron-on, or Velcro backing. A sew-on backing is the best for sports jerseys and jackets, while an iron-on is recommended for clubs with no specific uniforms.

Chenille Patch Design
Chenille Patch Design

Step 4: Approve The Sample

We’ll send you a sample of the finalized patch. The digitized version will show you how the patch will look once made, and you can make as many changes as you like. Once we send you the actual sample, you can make a few minor and major changes (depending on the package)—and approve the design.

Step 5: Get Your Patches!

We’ll get you your order of custom chenille patches in no time! We offer quick shipping and delivery throughout the U.S. We maintain punctuality to ensure you get your patches on time.

Chenille Patch Design

Official Sports & Team Chenille Patches

We pride ourselves as one of the leading chenille patch manufacture experts in the U.S., with clients in major sports organizations. Our high-quality patches feature vibrant hues, crisp details, and durability—perfect for sports jerseys, letterman jackets, gear bags, and other clothing and accessory items.

We also cater to brands for business events and celebrations. Our chenille patches are perfect for limited edition clothing for inter-department competitions, anniversary events, public events, and more. With our excellent record of working with small and large companies throughout the U.S., we are sure that we have what it takes to create custom chenille patches for you!

Best of all, our chenille patches no minimum policy and affordable quotes make it easier for smaller clubs, teams, and brands to get their hands on quality patches without worry. We maintain quality standards for all orders, big or small, and follow up for customer satisfaction.

Patches That Last

The best kind of custom chenille patches are the ones most durable, don't you agree? Laundry cycles, dust, rain, and other effects, our patches withstand them all. We strive to maintain quality standards in all aspects of our patch-making process, from yarn to stitching machines. Our chenille patch experts implement quality assurance checks at every stage and inspect each patch before it is packed up for shipping.

Professional Service

Elegant Patches is your one-stop shop for custom chenille patches—because we focus on the product as well as the customer. The same high standards we have for the patches we create we have for our customer service. Whether it comes to delivery timelines, customer query responses, or follow-up and feedback, we go above and beyond to ensure you have a fantastic patch experience!

Constant Improvement

Ours is a business of creating art, and there is always room to be better. We upgrade our tech to match industry standards of patch-making. We strive to fulfill all our customer needs when it comes to customizing patches. Color, size, shape, and more—your preference for any and all features of your patches matters to us!

Custom Chenille Patches FAQs

Why Us

Q: Do you make custom varsity patches?

We are one of the top chenille patch manufacture experts, and varsity and letterman chenille patches are in fact one of our most popular orders! We can recreate any logo, emblem, mascot art, lettering, and other details of a sports team or club as chenille patches.

Q: How large a size can I choose for chenille patches?

We suggest that you start with 2-3 inches (anything smaller may not be clear). You can go up to 15 inches large (width and height). You can inquire about special sized from our customer service reps.

Q: What kind of image file do I need to submit for my order of chenille patches?

Please send us your artwork as an image file in vector format. We prefer you adhere to a minimum 300dpi resolution to avoid image distortion while it is processed. The better the quality of your image, the better your final chenille patch product will look.

Q: What do you charge for making chenille patches?

Our chenille patch rates depend on a number of factors, such as how many colors are used, shape and size, backing, and a few other details. That said, we offer competitive quotes on all patches.

Q: How do I care for chenille patches to ensure they maintain color and form?

Avoid direct sunlight, washing with strong detergents, and heavy dryer cycles to keep your patches looking new. If you’ve got a stain on the patch, a simple liquid dish soap and water solution will suffice. Rub with a gentle washcloth and air dry to clean.

Work Samples

Chenille Patches We’ve Made For Our Clients

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