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Iron-On VS Sew-On Patch - Which One is More Effective?

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When it’s come to iron on vs sew on patch then you should know there is no much difference. However, we have explained both of them so you can compare and choose the right patch according to your requirements.

Iron on VS Sew On Patch

Iron-on the patch has a layer of a thin film and a sticky texture at the back. When you iron a patch, the glue melts and a patch sticks to your cloth. While Sew-on patches are traditional embroidered patches consists of threads and embroidery. They are more flexible as compare to iron-on patches because they do not have a thin film backing.

An iron-on patch has a cloudy texture at the back, as this is because of the glue layer applied on the back. While the sew-on patch has a simple and plain look just like a piece of fabric.

A better option between iron on vs sew on patch

It completely depends on your requirements that how you want your fabric to look at the end.

As far as it is concerned, which is better than the preference must be given to sew-on patches due to their durability and security. Iron-on patches are also a good option but you have to be careful with them, as they can get detached easily. Heat, High dryer heat, Hot water, and a heated environment are the worst enemies of iron-on patches.

Furthermore, Iron-on patches are not strong enough to stays for a longer time on your clothes due to their intolerance for rough treatment. While sew-on patches strongly stick to the fabric and stay there for too long.

Both patches have their features, but if you need to choose between a sew-on patch and an iron-on patch then go with the iron-on patches because they give you more flexibility. Iron-on patches give you both the options, you can iron it on or you can sew it, and in fact both for a great permanent bond Iron-on patches also work great for immediate use then you can stitch them whenever you get the chance for additional permanence. While you are left with the only option of sewing when you use sew-on Patches