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Designing And Ordering Custom Letterman Patches

Designing And Ordering Custom Letterman Patches

When you need a patch that perfectly encapsulates the colors, design, and spirit of the sports team you're allying with—what better than letterman patches?

Letterman jacket patches are a significant part of sports history, especially in Major League Baseball (MLB). Crafted out of chenille work, letterman patches are used to represent the name, number, team symbol and name, and other artwork associated with a sport.

In the market for chenille patches to decorate your apparel for your next game night with friends? Or do you need patches for your championship league’s new uniforms? Designing custom letterman patches is a breeze, and we’ll guide you!

What Makes Letterman Patches Special?

One of the facts about chenille patches is that these were first used as letterman jackets as far back as 1865. Ever wonder, why letterman patches? Why that specific bold style of patches for varsity jackets and other sport-related artwork?

The way chenille patches are created, the design looks very clear, even from a distance. This makes it ideal for team members' clothing during a game or for interviews and fan signings. Whether you're at the farthest row at an NBA game or watching your university baseball at a crowded and dusty field, you can clearly see the patches from afar. Brands prefer ordering custom letterman patches for their distinct vivid look.

Popular Ways For Designing Custom Letterman Patches

We know the uses of letterman jacket patches; chenille patches are the foremost choice for varsity jackets. These patches ordinarily adorn the front, back, and sleeves of the jackets.

Basketball jackets, from high school teams to major leagues, are well known for styling jackets with chenille patches. These usually have the name letterman patch on the top of the backside of the jacket and the player number in the large lettering in the middle. The front side features the team logo. The rest of the space is allotted for any sponsor logos (for high schools and colleges, it's the institution logo). The sleeve artwork is optional.

Interested In Ordering Custom Chenille Patches Online?

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Other than jackets, letterman jackets are also used for:

Jerseys, Caps & Other Gear

When designing custom letterman patches for jackets, teams also take into account other gear, such as jerseys, caps, and even bags for carrying gear. You ordinarily see players sporting patches on bags and caps at the basketball game. When it comes to chenille patches, the more, the better!

These patches are also used for designing custom letterman patches memorabilia, such as for jerseys sold at gift shops and stands at the stadium. Some teams also hand out patches to fans so that they can add these to whatever apparel they prefer.

Posters & Banners

In addition to sportswear, letterman jackets are also perfect for banners and posters. If you need a standout design to show support for your team at the next NFL game, ordering custom letterman patches is a superb idea.

You can also test your creativity and make your own version of a team poster or banner with alternate drawings of the logo, team member caricatures, and so on. Read How to Turn Your Artwork into Custom Chenille Patches to learn more.

- Branding Clothing

Traditional embroidered patches are the popular choice for brand logos and artwork. However, chenille patches are now popular amongst various minimalist and sporty clothing brands. Some brands also create iron-on letterman-style patches for giveaways at expos and other public events. You can get add these to your jackets, jeans, shirts, and more (learn How To Iron-On Chenille Patches here).

A ton of online clothing brands also feature chenille patches on their clothes, especially sportswear. You can find apparel featuring letterman patches of your favorite baseball, basketball, or even FIFA team under one roof. Designing custom letterman patches has no limits!