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Searching About the Perfect Size for Chenille Patches

Searching About the Perfect Size for Chenille Patches

What comes to mind when you think about chenille patches? Large-sized patches at the back of varsity or letterman jackets? Big lettering on the back of sports jerseys?

You’ll be surprised to learn that there is more to chenille patches than letterman jackets and jerseys. Or that you can get a variety of sizes in these—depending on your purpose. The perfect size for chenille patches is directly related to what you want your chenille patches on.

We’ve got a simple guide to help you decide the size of chenille patches before you place your next order!

Chenille Patches Sizes: Which To Choose, When To Choose!

Custom chenille patches, once only applicable to varsity jackets, are now the stars of various patch needs for artistic purposes. You can also unleash your brand identity with chenille patches. These versatile patches have a unique texture, like the fibers of a really coarse rug, which is why the colors appear more vibrant than embroidered patches.

Chenille patches are also quite durable. Since the high-quality kinds are able to withstand the effects of both machine and hand wash, you can choose these patches for garments and accessories with peace of mind.

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Perfect Size For Chenille Patches – An Overview

We’ve established the authority of chenille patches amongst various types of custom patches. Let’s go over the most popular uses of chenille patches—and what size is perfect for each use!

Chenille Patches For Varsity & Biker Jackets

The largest chenille patches commonly made are jacket patches. The two most popular uses for jacket chenille patches are motorcycle or biker patches, and of course, varsity jackets (also known as letterman jackets).

Before you choose a patch size for jackets, remember this: you always pick an inch or so over the size of the design you want transformed into a patch. When styling jackets with chenille letter patches, you should leave extra room for the felt background, plus any border—if you choose one.

A typical varsity jacket patch is 7” to 8”, which means that 8” to 9” is the perfect size for chenille patches so that your artwork turns out as the exact size you need it to be. As for extra-large chenille patches, size 10” or a little upwards, these are typically used for larger jackets or mascot outfits.

Chenille Patches for Uniform Emblems

White traditional embroidered patches dominate the uniform logo and emblem playing field, chenille patches have lately joined the game—and going strong at it!

The reason why chenille patches are not quite common for uniform logos and emblems is that these pieces are meant to bear letters and intricate details. Given that chenille patches have a more rugged finish whereas embroidered and woven patches are sleeker and slimmer, these are usually opted for larger patches. Logo and emblem chenille patches work when the design is simpler, with fewer colors and no complex patterns (read How To Turn Your Artwork Into Custom Chenille Patches).

As for the perfect size for chenille patches in uniforms, these start out at 2" and go up to 4". Any larger, and emblem patches may look too awkward.

Chenille Patches for Different Bags

What bags are we talking about? When it comes to chenille patches, the size depends on the bag you’ll be using as a base:

Totes: Chenille patches and totes go well together. In fact, totes are pretty easy to work with when it comes to any kind of custom patches products since the base material is usually fabric similar to garments. For totes, you can get a large central patch up to 6" large, or several small patches in any size you prefer.

Laptop Bags: With laptop bags, again, like totes, you can get a large central patch. Since laptop bags are roughly the same size as regular totes, the size specs remain the same.

Handbags: Handbags are trickier to work with since they are fashioned from genuine or PU leather. You can sew on your patch or stick it, and the best size to maintain aesthetic appeal in these patches is up to 4" large (width and height).

Cross-Body Bags: If you love creative little chenille patches and looking for a way to use these, then cross-body bags it is. You can also attach small chenille patches—2" to 3" in size—on wallets.

Make sure you get the right kind of backing when you order custom chenille patches for bags. For instance, one of the first steps in how to iron-on chenille patches is to choose a compatible background, and PU leather is not compatible with most bags. Only sew-on patches work well on most bags.

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Chenille Patches For Caps & Hats

In addition to jackets and jerseys, the most popular kind of chenille patches for sports goods are those for caps and hats. Chenille patches are easy to sew on without modifying the overall look, and because the intent is often to match accessories with jerseys and jackets, these patches are popular for caps and hats.

As for the perfect size for chenille patches, you’re good to go with patches that have an elongated design—like team names or logos. At max, keep your patch's vertical length 2 inches, while for the horizontal side, you can double that size.

Chenille Patches For Badges and Keychains

When it comes to the smallest chenille patches sizes, the most common purpose is badges or keychains. Like in uniform emblems, embroidered and woven patches are famed for keychains and badges too, chiefly because you can get intricate designs with ease.

However, if you favor chenille patches for these accessories, stick to minimal designs and your patches should turn out just superb. When ordering custom patches online, choose 2” to 3” for badges and keychains.

Find the Perfect Size for Chenille Patches At Elegant Patches

Thinking about adding chenille patches to clothes and accessories? Let us guide you; you don’t just process your design and run equipment, we are also mavens in the art of patch-making, and we can help you figure out the right chenille patches sizes for your order.

We regard your vision and preferences and make sure to create patches that align. Reach out to us now to get started!