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A Guide on Christmas Patches as Great Corporate Gifts

A Guide on Christmas Patches as Great Corporate Gifts

Come holidays and the marketing team for brands are tasked with creating innovative corporate gifts, something unique, practical, yet cost-effective. Fulfilling all these criteria is none other than custom patches.

Embroidered, chenille, PVC, woven, sublimated, and more—there are various options for you to choose from. You can pick whatever kind of custom-made patch suits the design you chose, what you intend the patch to be used as, and your budget and time requirements, of course.

We’ve put together a simple guide of Christmas patches as great corporate gifts, you will have little brainstorming to do and jump to the design process seamlessly. Read on!

Transforming Patches Into Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts, no matter how big or small, to your brand partners, shareholders, bloggers/influencers, and more can help foster relationships that benefit in the long run. Not only do you wish people happy holidays with these artsy pieces, but let them know how much you appreciate their participation and support.

That said, you need creative ideas. Add charm and function to your corporate gift patches for Christmas to make them memorable. Not only will you strengthen ties with people and brands associated with your business, but also some popularity as a side-effect.

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Designs to Choose for Christmas Patches As Great Corporate Gifts

First up, what can you base your Christmas patches on? We know the theme is Christmas and holidays, but what holds up as a solid design and an effective form of branding, plus getting your message across?

We’ve got a couple of suggestions for designs on custom patches products you can try.

Simple Christmassy Graphics

We're talking about Santa hats, fir trees, classic garlands, snowman silhouettes, wrapped presents, and more. There's a world of holiday artwork out there if you are looking to take your graphics online.

Alternatively, you can illustrate your own artwork for Christmas patches.

When it comes to Christmas patches as great corporate gifts, make them festive and add colors and features associated with your brand as well. The goal is to create eye-catching patches, as bespoke as possible. You can create no-fuss graphic patches with a holiday wish on the front.

Holiday Quotes & Puns

Looking to create something with more meaning? Quote and pun patches are always appreciated and are worthy of finding their place on the intended target (clothing, bags, journal, bulletin board, etc.). The message you write on Christmas patches as great corporate gifts can be generic, something about business supporting businesses. Or, make it more personal and tell your recipients how appreciative you are of their partnership.

Christmas puns are a superb way to instill some light-heartedness in your gift. Who doesn't love humor? It's the kind of patch meant to go up on a pinboard. Make sure your lettering is based on a vibrant background that leaves space for clarity of what's written on the patch. If creating custom patches on a budget, go for a smaller size and keep your colors to a minimum.

Creative, Practical Christmas Gift Patches

Now that we know what kind of illustrations suit Christmas patches as great corporate gifts, let’s move on to the ‘how’ of the matter. How do you make these patches practical? You can’t hand these out as they are if you want to ascertain usability and visibility.

Here are a few ways to create Christmas gift patches that are creative and will be much more appreciated.

Creative Embroidered Patches Keychains

Keychains are a long-standing part of the corporate gifting tradition. This time around skip the same-old metal or PU leather keychains, and go for vibrant embroidered keychains. You can place an order directly for patch keychains, which are traditionally based on a twill backing.

If you want a metal backing for Christmas patches as great corporate gifts, order simple, backless patches. One of the benefits of using custom embroidery patches is that they are flexible. Use a strong adhesive to paste these on plain metal background keychains.

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PVC Patches On Pins For Holiday Accessorizing

You have seen enamel pins. You have also seen metallic badges. Now, it’s time for PVC patches to step up. Go for round or square PVC patches if you need affordable patches that are easy to stick (read How Much Do Custom Patches Cost).

PVC patches are colorful, beautiful, and durable. However, know that these work well with vector graphics; you can't get too complex designs or photos on PVC patches for pins. Once you do have your patches, stick these on the pins and gift them.

Make your design and lettering as appealing as possible to ensure that whoever gets these can’t wait to put theirs on!

Woven Journal/Notebook Sticker Patches

One of the less conventional types of custom patches are woven patches for journals and notebooks. Since these patches are ultra-thin, it is easier to stick them on or inside a notebook/journal, or even a bag or a wall for decoration.

That said, go for peel-and-stick backing when you place an order for Christmas sublimation patches. One can simply take off the protective backing with one gliding motion, and apply their patch where it suits best.

Motivational Holiday Sublimation Patches

A little inspiration is what the holidays are about. You spend time with your loved ones and you rest and recharge, looking at old problems with a whole new perspective. How about sharing some joy, with motivation patches?

These patches are also great as some festive for your employees' last day before their holidays begin. Go for large iron-on sublimation patches, which are perfect to latch onto a sweater or display as decoration on a desk (read Iron-On Vs. Sew-On Patch).

How To Order Christmas Patches As Great Corporate Gifts

  • Choose A Patch: You have a range of custom patches to choose from. Consider the complexity of your artwork and your budget before you select a type.
  • Select Dimensions: Make sure you match any pre-made pins and keychain backing to your chosen dimensions. The size of patches also depends on any lettering included.
  • Pick A Backing: DO you need new-on patches for garments? Iron-on patches for caps or jackets? Or do you need Velcro patches for easy removal? Choose a backing that suits the purpose.
  • Determine Quantity: Remember, bulk orders are eligible for discounts, so it's usually better to order a higher quantity of one kind of patch rather than diversify and increase your costs.
  • Submit Your Artwork: To finalize your order of custom patches online, provide high-quality and clear designs, as these are easier to process for patch-making.

Great Corporate Gifts With Elegant Patches

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