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Custom Patches For Shirts & Hats

Custom Patches For Shirts & Hats

Custom patches are a popular means for brands and teams to display their logo on a variety of clothing and accessories—especially, shirts and hats/caps. Patch artists receive orders for different types of custom patches every single day. Wonder why?

Perks Of Custom Patches For Shirts & Hats

You can personalize the artwork, get it transformed into a charming patch, and attach it however you like. Why wouldn't you want custom patches for hats and shirts?

There are several other reasons why custom patches for shirts and hats are the most popular uses of personalized patches:

Superb Ways For Brands & Clubs/Team To Promote

Shirts and caps can be a part of brand or team uniforms or merchandise, and they provide identity to the wearer, completing the look.

Custom patches are a supreme way to distinguish your brand from others. For example, if your business or club or team employees are at festive or public events, and need you to ensure that they stand out from the rest, you do so with the help of custom patches!

Design embroidered, chenille, woven, PVC, or any other kind of bold and beautiful patches that fit your brand’s image and your budget. These can be large patches for shirts and smaller ones for caps and hats. Putting these on your employees’ or team members’ uniforms is a way to establish an identity. You can also hand these patches out as giveaways at certain events.

Useful For Service Sector Brands For Customers’ Ease

Whether we are talking supermarkets, salons, retail stores, or any other service outlets, customers trust someone who carries their business logo. Unsurprisingly, customers look for a symbol of association when they need help in public places.

By using custom patches to place your brand’s logo on your employees' shirts or hats/caps, you ultimately better serve your customers. Plus, your employees look professional and dependable when they wear a patch.

Thus, custom patches for hats and shirts help improve customer trust in them and the establishment itself. If we're talking about large places such as malls and local fairs, custom patches are also a nice way to advertise your shop, stall, or booth.

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Increase Sense Of Belonging & Bonding

Custom patches for shirts and hats don’t just help your audience and customers, but also your employees or team members. There's a sense of pride that comes with carrying a symbol of your brand or team on your clothing. Not just as a uniform or for identification but also for feeling like you belong to a community.

Custom patches on shirts and accessories are particularly important for sports team members. These help enhance the sense of bonding and motivate individual members to perform their best solo as well as at teamwork.

Also, with a great patch, comes great responsibility of representation. By carrying their institution’s symbol, people feel more accountable for their actions. Their actions not only reflect on them but also on the place they work for or are members of. Hence the reason customized patches are so popular amongst all types of institutions—schools, businesses, teams, and service departments (police, firefighters), and more.

Creative, Cost Effective, And Long-Lasting

When it comes to pasting your logo, emblem, or any other kind of artwork on shirts and hats, why not just go for printing? Why choose custom patches? How much do custom patches cost in comparison?

For starters, screen printing can be costly. You need to get new garments, with the right sizes of course. If you get the wrong print or are short of a certain size, you may need to place another order. Also, if these shirts and hats/caps are for a one-time event, then reuse is unlikely, and you may be looking at the waste of perfectly good garments.

By ordering custom patches instead, you get the following benefits:

  • Simply attach custom patches to any plain shirts and hats in desired color and size.
  • For limited-edition logos, you can use the same clothing and accessories—just replace the patch.
  • Custom Velcro patches (also known as hook-and-snap patches) are perfect for temporary use.
  • Patches are relatively cheaper than printing. The more you get, the better a discount or deal you can avail too!
  • With some effort, it is possible to remove sewed-on patches and reuse the garment.
  • Custom patches are long-lasting. Go for dependable patch artists for premium-quality patches with colors that don't fade easily and threads that stay intact—and your patch will last you for many years!

How To Choose Custom Patches For Shirts & Hats

When designing and placing an order for custom patches online for shirts and hats (or caps), there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Custom Patches For Shirts

You can order custom patches for shirts in a creative range of colors, designs, and sizes. Before you do, know that shirts are one of the often-worn articles of clothing (and thus washed often), so choose patches that are durable.

Woven patches look splendid against different kinds of shirts, and are also less susceptible to fraying. You can also choose embroidered or PVC patches, as these too are versatile and cost for putting your logo on a uniform or other shirts.

Affordable Custom Patches For Shirts & Hats

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Custom Patches For Hats

When creating custom patches for hats (similarly, caps or bandanas) you don’t have to worry about frequent wash cycles. But you should design these patches in a way that they stand out. Bold, vibrant colors and patterns, prominent lettering, and sew-on backing—these are the basics of superb custom patches for hats.

Nothing elevates the look of a plain hat or cap more than a custom patch. For sports teams and clubs, hat patches are the perfect promotional tools, as well as a symbol of support. You can gift these custom patches to team members or fans at promotional events.

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