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Benefits of Using Custom Embroidery Patches

Benefits of Using Custom Embroidery Patches

Considering the history of patches, underestimating their protentional can be a grave mistake. And what makes them such a worldwide success is their epic divergence. Regardless of what design you conjure up, you can get it in a patch.

Not only that, but with the various subcategories of patches, they are able to fulfill preferences on an exceptionally wide range. Along with that are the numerous benefits of using custom embroidery patches or any other kind.

Most of the patches nowadays came into being not too long ago. Many of these involve complex technical aspects that only machines are able to pull off. These include heat transfer dye sublimation patches, PVC patches, enamel patches, and 3D patches.

However, about a century ago, we did not have access to such advanced technology. So, patches, with a significant consumer base, are generally comprised of embroidered patches.

History of Embroidered Patches

With a user base strongly concerning the corporate and academic world, these patches embodied the creative use of thread on cloth.

While the significant consumers at the time were office places, jobs, and settings that involved a uniform of any kind, patches soon made their way into the fashion industry.

They soon infused the trends enough to have entire lines of style dedicated to vigorous use of patches. One such is none other than the street style that took over the world back in the 80s and 90s. The popularity is entirely dedicated to famous rap artists and singers at the time using patches on their clothes to state their opinions and stances.

Not long after, in the wake of astounding successes, several major fashion houses started to incorporate them into their clothes. Esteemed fashion brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and Louie Vuitton used patches in various settings, including apparel, bags, accessories, and shoes.

Apart from the fashion influence, patches are still in the process of making a resounding comeback. Through the usage of patches in everyday household things like keychains and refrigerator magnets; they are slowly becoming part of the norm.

Thus, it leads many to wonder about the various benefits of all the different kinds of patches. And which might be the best amongst all.

What are Embroidered Patches?

As with all other things, patches, too, have a beginning. And that beginning is embroidery patches. The true classic and original amongst all the various kinds, embroidery patches are where it all started.

Embroidery patches are the first ever to come into existence, made from different colored threads sewn in various patterns to depict an image, logo, or letters. They usually consist of a back with multiple attachment options.

From being part of revolutions to playing major roles in politics, these patches have always been an important aspect. Not to mention the marketing advantage it holds. Just slap a logo or a quote on a patch, and you are all set to use it for advertisement purposes.

These embroidered patches, a prominent fixture in academia, also have the power to give any individual a sense of belonging and representation. And perhaps it is due to that very reason patches have yet to go out of use.

However, people still seem to wonder about the benefits of using embroidery patches over the other kinds of patches. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of various benefits of using embroidery patches to make your decisions easier.

Benefits of Using Embroidery Patches

Notwithstanding the fact that embroidery patches are the OG, these are by far the most purchased kind throughout the entire world. And there might be various reasons pertaining to that.

So let us hop on the various benefits of using embroidery patches.

Can Be Professional

Be it the corporate office world or the staunch sphere of the military; these embroidery patches positively exude professionalism. The utter sophistication coupled with the representation gives the individual a distinguished air of dignity.

Especially when it comes to military use, these patches hold utter importance not only as representation but also as containing information regarding the wearer.

Enduring and Durable

Considering that majority of the consumer base for embroidery patches are from the professional fields, it necessitates durability of the patch. Anyone who uses embroidery patches onto their uniforms probably washed them a lot and used them daily.

This is why one of the various benefits of using embroidery patches includes that they are excessively enduring and durable. This means that regardless of how rough the utilization is or how often you put them in the wash, chances are they will last quite some time.

Stances and Opinions

After the popularity of embroidered patches on behalf of the flower children, people found an interesting new use for embroidery patches. People started using these patches for protests and stating their opinions on the happenings around the country.

And since the world is far from resolving the majority of these matters, people still find a use of these embroidery patches to convey their opinions.

Cost Effective

For all its impact around the world, embroidery patches are significantly cost-effective. Whether it is a ready-made patch you are buying or whatever design you choose for your custom patch, your pockets are not going to feel a thing.

So, be it for fashion, corporate, or political embroidery, patches are likely to cost remarkably less than any other kind.

Versatility in Application

Regardless of the kind or size of the design you choose, embroidery patches are all-encompassing when it comes to the backings. Whether for temporary use or elongated one, you can avail yourself of the benefit of using embroidery patches to the full extent.

Following are some of the backing embroidery patches can have:

  • Iron-on
  • Sew-on
  • Stick-on
  • Magnetic
  • Hook and loop
  • Pin back

With such a diversity in backing, it is no wonder embroidery patches have such a vast consumer base.


One of the most appealing benefits of using an embroidery patch is that they are very flexible. This means they will move with the flow of your clothes or accessories rather than being rigid and forcing the clothes to comply.

And so, embroidery patches have an exceptionally prominent appearance on the majority of the clothes with patches.

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