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Tips For Designing Embroidery Patches


Embroidered patches have always been in trend for ages. They can be used for any purpose such as for your business, any special event, or club membership. If you are planning to design an embroidered patch. here are few tips for designing custom embroidered patches. Have a look

Go Bold.

The text should be big enough on your patch that it will remain visible from a distance. The small and thin text would be difficult to create with a typical embroider process. Try to keep the font size of your text bold and big as much as you can. It will help your patch to look more eye-catching and legible.

Select Colors in Contrast

Try to choose the patch colors, in contrast, to make them stand out. Some contrasting colors could be white-black, yellow-blue, red-black, and neon-pink that can work well for patches. There could be so many other options as well but for that, you have to be more creative

Add a border

A border is used to add a definition to your design. So always add a border in a way that complements the design of your patch. Adding a border to your patches can enhance the overall look.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key factor when designing a patch. Try to keep your patch design as simple as you can so every detail appears properly instead of putting in lots of material and make them cramped

The bigger the better

It will be easier to create detailed and complex designs on a bigger patch than the smaller one. If you want to add lots of details to your patch then choose a bigger patch size.
So, these were the basic tips that may help you to create an amazing embroidered patch.