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Soft Enamel vs. Hard Enamel: Which is Better?


Designing custom challenge coins is an exciting experience. If you are planning to create a challenge coin and wonder about how to design a challenge coin then you will find a step-by-step guide in this article.

Come up with an Idea

An idea is a basic thing when you think of customization. Think about the purpose you want to design challenge coin. Where these coins are going to use? What type of artwork do you like? What colors do you have in your mind?
These questions will only clear your vision about how your coins will become out. You can also get the basic ideas from Pinterest, google images, or shutter stock. Once you get the ideas make a quick sketch that gives you a clear view of what kind of coin you have in your mind.

Picking Challenge Coin Size and Shape

Choosing the right coin size and shape is a challenging step. The whole look of the coin depends upon its shape and size. The smallest size of any coin would be 1.5”, It will be problematic to create text and artwork on the coins below 1.5".
You have different choices for shapes such as circle, square, oval, rectangular, or you can create your custom shape as well. It all depends on what you think will work best.

Texture and Weight

Customizing a coin is not only about how it will look but about also how it feels.
The weight refers to the thickness of the coin. Generally, the coins are created to be 3mm thick; it gives them a solid feel and decent weight as well.
Background texture can give your coin a unique feel. It depends on your choice what kind of artwork you will prefer either 2D or 3D; both of these ways have their uniqueness. You can create a beautiful coin design by using both artworks.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key factor when designing a patch. Try to keep your patch design as simple as you can so every detail appears properly instead of putting in lots of material and make them cramped

Colors, Metal Plating & Custom Edging

The few last aspects that will enhance the overall look of your coin. Deciding the colors that you want to use in your designs is equally important. You can mix and match different colors as you like in one design. Do not forget colors and metal plating complement each other.
The very last thing you should consider is custom edging. It gives your design a complete look.