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Here’s a quick way to design your own iron-on-patch!

Denim is forever, and if you are a denim junkie as well, you would know how funky patches look amazing. Similarly, did you know that you can design your own iron-on patch? So, it doesn’t matter if you want emoji or your favorite band logo; it’s possible! For this reason, we are sharing how you can design your own iron-on patch (also, it’s very simple!).

Designing Your Own Iron-On Patch

To begin design your own iron-on patch, you will need to have a basic know-how of embroidery (the basic embroidery skills will do). Once you have brushed up the embroidery skills, take the embroidery hoop, backing, cloth, and floss; don’t forget to keep the picture with yourself. Then, put down the image under the backing and make a tracing.

Once you have traced the image, flip the backing on the other side, and place the cloth on the top and settle it on the embroidery hoop. You can use the phone’s torch to check the image tracing, so you can be precise. Then, start to embroider on the image to ensure the entire image is created. After stitching the complete image, remove the patch and do paste some heat-bond (it is important for making it iron-on).

After the heat-bond, add the fabric glue on the edges because it helps reduce the chances of fraying. Once you have optimized the edges, trim the patch into the size that you desire and ensure the patch is properly glued. The glue should dry up quickly, and once it does, you will be able to put it on any fabric you want and iron from the top.

This is a great choice for people who want a specific iron-on patch but couldn’t find the desired one. Also, while pasting the iron-on patch with the iron, you need to set the iron set on the high steam setting (cotton fabric) since these are thick patches. Also, for making the iron-on patches by yourself, you should use fusible web and cotton cloth

If you don’t know, the fusible web is the adhesive sheet that seamlessly melts on the fabric and is glued down. On the other hand, if you don’t have cotton cloth, you can also make the iron-on patch on denim. Lastly, before you iron the patch on fabric, it is better to test the clothing before you apply the patch (you should try ironing the cloth to ensure it doesn’t burn). So, when will you design your own iron-on patch?