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Helpful Tips For Solving Common Machine Embroidery Problems

Machine embroidery has quickly taken over the world by storm, replacing the exquisite yet time-intensive handmade embroidery. Today, machine embroidery is a multi-million dollar industry with hundreds of thousands of agencies delivering efficient and affordable embroidery solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

Now, if you are associated with the machine embroidery business, you must be aware of the frequent machine embroidery problems and how frustrating these problems can be; especially when occurred during the middle of a project.

Well, fret not because in this blog we have come up with some of the most frequently occurring machine embroidery problems and their easy fixes.

First Things First

Before we start listing the problems and their quick fixes, please remember that the best-recommended practice in any case of embroidery machine malfunctioning is to consult the machine manually. To be frank, your machine manual is the sacred guide that you need to keep close at all times. It will contain the best solutions to basic problems you may experience during operations. Thereby, the manufacturer’s manual should be your first consultant in any case of an embroidery machine malfunctioning.

Machine Embroidery Problems and Quick fixes

Now that we are done with the best practices, let’s have a quick look at some of the common machine embroidery problems and how you can fix them easily;

  • Fixing the noise
  • High noise is a common issue with many embroidery machines and it could be due to various reasons including excessive usage and low maintenance.

    If you are experiencing high-noise from the embroidery machine, perhaps it’s time to pause the operations and perform a maintenance/cleaning operation. Oiling the machine, removing lint, replacing the needle, and cleaning the teething area are some of the quick fixes that can help you suppress the noise.

  • Machine not forming stitches
  • If you are unable to create the right design with the machine, it could be because of loose hope or fabric.

    Monitor the condition of the needle and replace it if the existing one is bent. Also, check if you are using the right needle for the fabric.

  • Machine Stopped Working
  • While your embroidery machine isn’t human, it still requires a proper break to cool down. Excessive and consistent operations may cause embroidery machines to heat up and stop working.

    In this case, you may want to close down the operations for up to 20 minutes to give ample cooling time to the machine.

  • Breaking or bending of needles
  • Broken or bent needles is a common machine embroidery problem, and there’s nothing to worry about. No matter how conscious you are, it’s one thing that is bound to happen. Thereby, whenever there’s a bent or broken needle just replace it with a new one.

    To be extra cautious, make sure that the needle is placed correctly in the needle bar. Also, ensure that the bobbin is correctly inserted.

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