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How to Make Your Embroidered Biker Patches from Scratch

How to Make Your Embroidered Biker Patches from Scratch

For all the motorcyclists out there, biker patches have the appeal of exposing their interests and creativity. The patches can perfectly display their dedication towards a particular biker club.

Therefore, opting for patches for jackets, vests, and gloves can renovate their style. Let’s figure out how you can create biker patches.

How to Make Your Embroidered Biker Patches? The Steps

Design, Dimensions and Placement

The biker patch design or artwork is highly important. It incorporates what you adore to demonstrate on your clothing or accessories. Also, it is satisfying to brainstorm and finalize an idea.

Whether you take inspiration from already available designs on patch sellers’ websites or other places on the internet, this can help to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, it is part of your uniqueness. You can consider it as a form of club representation or your personal liking. It is significant as well to think about the design details like colors and text.

All these bits combine to form an artwork to draw on a piece of paper. If you require assistance from technology, use it to create the perfect outcome, just like you do for ordering custom patches.

Besides, the confirmation of the dimension helps in deciding the size of the patch. It depends on the placement as well. The available space on your biker clothes can refine this matter.

There are various sorts of placements, like the back of your biker jacket. Make sure to decide the biker patch in the right place for the extent of visibility you require.

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Setting the Sewing Machine

To proceed with the query ‘how to make your embroidered biker patches?’, upload the design into the embroidery or sewing machine.

One point to keep in mind is that you should ensure the design of the patch before uploading. Once the design is on the machine, the changes are not possible in the later stages.

Once you finish the aforementioned steps, now it is time to start the machine. Fortunately, the sewing machine can do the job on its own. Just keep an eye on what is happening.

The next step is to secure the fabric after the completion of the design process. Make sure things are going smoothly and as per your requirements.

Besides, you have to cut the excessive fabric at the end. Trim any loose threads you find to create a neat and beautiful look of the biker patch.

Choose a Backing

The next step for the answer to ‘how to make your embroidered biker patches?’ is to pick a backing type. The most preferred one is sewing the patch on a biker jacket or vest.

According to a source, bikers prefer this kind of backing as it stays longer. Due to the excessive use and a blend of exposures, this kind of backing can prove quite durable.

Moreover, there is another backing called iron-on. This requires ironing the patch on the fabric. For this purpose, collect a good quality iron, fabric glue, a piece of safety fabric, and your targeted clothes.

Place the biker patch on the jacket or wherever you desire to apply. Use the thin fabric to protect the patch. Then, put the preheated iron with a low setting on the fabric for a few seconds.

Keep the iron still in order to not disrupt the quality of the patch. Now do the same on the other side of your clothes. It is this simple. Make sure you have applied the fabric glue before ironing.

You can explore the differences between iron-on and sew-on patches before concluding with one of these backings.

Also, you can sew Velcro strips on the patch and the clothes to create a complete Velcro backing.

Biker Patch Customization

Instead of searching for ‘how to make your embroidered biker patches yourself?’, you can opt for patch customization.

Many sellers of embroidery patches let you personalize the product. Everything from the size, shape, and color is your decision. Moreover, luckily, Elegant Patches is one of them.

For customizing the biker patches, you should first send your artwork in good quality image file to the seller. Read their file requirements carefully to save time and hassle.

Furthermore, the manufacturing company will usually contact you again for confirmation of the product design before production starts. Therefore, never forget to review.

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How to make your embroidered biker patches? Start with confirming the design. The artwork will display your interest. Moreover, the size and shape are equally valuable as well.

More importantly, decide where you require the patches to go. You either pick your biker jacket or vest and confirm a position on these apparel.

Furthermore, set your automatic sewing machine by uploading the design. The machine will do most of the work. Make sure to remain active and trim the threads for a neat appearance.

Pick a backing, such as iron-on, sew-on, or Velcro. As an alternative method, you can consult patch manufacturers like us to keep you safe from all the hard work.