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How to Apply Leather Patches To Clothing & Accessories

How to Apply Leather Patches To Clothing & Accessories

While the design and manufacturing parts of making custom patches take the highlight, the attachment of these patches needs care and consideration too. After all, what's the point of something immaculate if you don't use it correctly?

Now classic patches such as embroidered or woven patches require less effort when you use them. But here we are discussing custom leather patches, the most elegant of them all…and possibly quite stubborn when it comes to attaching. Made of or genuine or faux leather, these patches have a sleek finish, and you don’t want to ruin it. Lucky for you, we can tell you all about applying leather patches to clothing and accessories. Let’s go!

Custom Leather Patches – Uses & More

First up: what do you usually find custom leather patches on? What do you want these to do?

When it comes to applying leather patches to clothing, denim comes to mind. There’s a certain charm about the classic brown leather patch bearing the brand logo on the classic blue-grey denim apparel (read How to Use Leather Patches for Branding). Leather patches look equally amazing on different-colored denim. Leather on leather (jackets and pants), looks quite chic too!

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In short, leather may just be considered the cream of the crop when it comes to custom-made patches. Leading brands from around the world add leather patches to clothing. Clubs are primarily known to prefer patches to add to their staff and members' clothing. Leather patches exude a regal vibe, an air of exclusivity, which is why these are a favorite for social clubs. Some sports teams, such as soccer, also use customized leather patches on uniforms.

When talking about applying leather patches to accessories, shoes take the lead. Leather patches may be used to add the brand name or logo or any other artwork. The final look is quite appealing, especially if the mediums are sneakers and boots.

Other ways to add leather patches to accessories include keychains, decorative pieces for bags and notebooks, and even wristbands. Leather is quite versatile, and you don’t have to own a brand or be a part of a club or team to get a bunch of elegant leather patches! Uses of leather patches include customizing your own clothing or revamping them with artfully designed and placed leather patches.

How To Apply Leather Patches To Clothing

Thinking about getting new leather patches for your sports club jerseys? Or do you need to use leather patches to promote your business?

Regardless, you've got some planning to do. Your patch manufacturers will take care of crafting the patches. You acquire these beautiful pieces of leather with letterings or drawing pressed in or lifted out into the base. And you can't wait to use them.

How do you go about applying leather patches to clothing?

Sew These On

How to apply leather patches to clothing in a way that it remains in place for a long, long time? Sew it on!

You can go for hand-stitching or machine stitching to add leather patches to clothing. The former is quite time-consuming, but is ideal for leather patches with unique shapes or designs, or for adding custom stitch patterns to create an attractive border. The latter, machine stitching, is speedier and results in more refined stitches—provided you employ the help of an expert of course!

The Heat-Seal Method

This method to apply leather patches to clothing is tricky for people who aren't handy with an iron. Also, the heat seal method works best with very high-quality synthetic leather, the cheap kind may be easily damaged.

Note: certain kinds of leather patches, such as engraved patches, are made using a particular way, and applying heat may ruin the look (read What Are Engraved Leather Patches?). Make sure to ask your patch manufacturer about safe patch application methods.

The trick to using leather patches with heat seal backing is ironing these using a layer of cloth, preferably mesh, on top of the leather patch to avoid any direct contact. Make sure you have a couple of extras when you order leather patches.

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How To Apply Leather Patches To Accessories

Leather patches and accessories such as caps, hats, bags, and keychains go together like bread and butter. The leather patch can enhance the look of any of these items. If you're feeling particularly artsy and need something other than classic embroidered patches for your project, leather patches will do nicely!

Once again, you need a little help: how to apply leather patches to accessories? Specifically, how to put leather patches to caps or bags? It may be tricky if you’re new to the world of customized leather patches, but doable!

Sewn Patches FTW

Much like adding leather patches to clothing, stitching is a great way to apply leather patches to accessories. In this case, it's a method that's both convenient and ensures the longevity of your patch. You don't get a relatively smooth, straight base of a polo shirt or denim jacket. You get textures and curves of caps and bags to work with. Sewing leather patches is a great way to avoid any creases or damage to the material.

Professional stitching is the way to go when it comes to layering leather patches to accessories. You may hand-sew if you're confident in your skills, but for professional uses such as branded accessories, club uniforms, and such, professional work is generally safer.

Use An Adhesive

Given the fact that the part of a bag or cap may not be accessible when you want to add a leather patch, you can always go for your trusty superglue! It may not be the most refined method when you consider how to apply leather patches to accessories, but it does the job.

In fact, if all else feels too time-consuming, inaccessible, or simply a hassle for adding leather patches to both clothing and accessories, just take a tube of super glue to your medium! When you apply leather patches to accessories, make sure you use enough to secure the patch in the desired place, but not so much that it spills from under the patch and results in a---possibly permanent—gloopy mess!

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Whether you need to know more about how to apply leather patches to clothing, or looking to place an order for premium-quality, durable leather patches with a reliable manufacturer, you’re at the right place!

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