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How Long Do Iron On Patches Last?

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Iron-on patches have a thick pasting coating and sticky surface on the back. The glue helps in sticking the patch on your fabric when you apply heat to it.

Iron-on patches can be used for various purposes as they enhance the look of your clothes and accessories, these can be useful to hide stains and damages or they can be a great way to show individuality and interest. First let’s see how to iron a patch, make sure that it stays longer even after washing as well.

How to iron on a patch

The very first thing you need to do is clean a fabric on which you are about to attach your patch either wash it or clean it with a wipe. Flatten the fabric and stretch it as much as possible. Place the patch on the area where you want to fix it, better to use fine and sharp pins to hold a patch temporarily so it will not move or slip.

Heat the iron at the highest level. Keep a small piece of a towel over a patch to save the embroidery from damage.

Put the iron on the towel and keep pressing for about 30 seconds. Generally, 20 to 30 seconds is the ideal time to let the glue melt and get it to stick properly. You need to be slightly careful that you press the ion long enough. If you remove the iron early, then there are chances that glue will not melt and your patch will be detached.

How long do iron on patches last?

Iron-on patches have a coating of very strong glue at the back that helps it to stay longer. However, these patches need extra care to increase their longevity and security. Heat, warm environment, and high dryer heat are the worst elements that iron-on patches can face. Constant exposure to heat can weaken the stickiness of the glue over a certain time.

If you take care of the clothes with the patches properly, they might stay much longer. Few factors that can increase your patch life include; not washing clothes unnecessarily, avoid using hot water and dryers, use cool water to wash, and hang them in the air for drying. You can also sew your iron-on patch once it is properly stuck for a super-permanent bond.

Unfortunately, there is no exact timeframe of how long do iron on patches last as there are so many elements involved. However, usually, an iron-on patch stays for about 25 washes.