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Step-By-Step Guide to Design Varsity Jacket Patches

Step-By-Step Guide to Design Varsity Jacket Patches

Varsity jackets are also known as letterman jackets. They hold value in academics as students are able to show their pride and accomplishments via this outerwear.

These jackets were once popular among the athletes. They represented the identity of players; however, now, they have become more of a fashion statement.

Moreover, letterman or varsity jackets demand patches. Whether the wearer is a student or an alumnus, the patches will depict adherence to athletic programs or other activities.

In regards to elevated significance in the USA and even in other countries, we have prepared a guide to design varsity jacket patches.

Easy Guide to Design Varsity Jacket Patches

The Necessary Supplies

First, you need to gather the essentials that will efficiently assist in doing this job for varsity jacket patches. Some of them encompass a jacket, ruler, pencil, stencil, embroidery thread, and tailor’s chalk.

A few of them are optional, but it is best to keep these supplies near you. For instance, there are pattern papers, tracing papers, temporary adhesives, and sticky stabilizer.

Embroidery and sewing machines play a vital role as they will help you achieve the finalized look. You require quality machines, and if this is not feasible for you, we will let you know the alternative later.

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Moreover, you should amass a cutting mat, double-sided fusible, and, of course, the fabric, most likely, chenille.

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Patch Types and Placements

Another prime factor in the guide to design varsity jacket patches includes the number and types of patches. You have to determine where these patches will go on the jacket.

The first placement is the right front panel, which will basically include your name. Its size does not have to be too large so that your name can easily cover the adequate area with clear visibility.

Then is the left front panel which has the initials of your educational institute, like your school. The substitute is the letter you received due to your extraordinary contribution to sports or elsewhere.

You should never miss out on the areas on your sleeves, both left and right. For the right side, opt for a graduation year patch.

Besides, for the left side, you should consider attaching the sports patches. The back usually has larger patches, such as your team name or school mascot.

Dimensions of All the Varsity Jacket Patches

The previous step has very much helped you in determining the sizes of all the patches that you will attach to your letterman jacket.

However, you should demonstrate precision in finding out the exact heights, lengths and width, as well as shapes of these patches.

Furthermore, you should also measure the area on the jacket where these patches will go. Take assistance from letter stencil for this purpose.

Then, you need a tracing pad or pattern paper to trace your stencil’s outline. Make use of the ruler for size adjustments.

Besides, the letter will have two patterns for both layers, one for the top and one for the bottom. The top layer will have a fabric, like chenille, while the bottom layer will comprise a contrast felt border.

The Pattern

Afterward, you need to cut the patterns. Use the tailor’s chalk for marks in order to pursue the stitching conveniently.

Most importantly, make sure you choose the right colors for varsity jacket patches. If it is part of your uniform, opt for an official color scheme; otherwise, utilize good contrasts.

This clarification in color scheme will lend a hand to you in choosing the threads for embroidery. If you are not ordering custom chenille patches, you should take care of miniature details like these.

Now, use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to carefully cut only the top layer of the fabric. This is because the larger piece is essential for hooping the fabric during embroidery.

It’s Embroidery Time!

You have to proceed with the temporary attachment with adhesive on the top layer for creating varsity jacket patches. The alternative is the sheet of sticky stabilizer.

Take your time to embroider both the top and outer layers with tight stitches to frame the border. Besides, you should never forget to cut the loose threads.

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Customization of Varsity Jacket Patches

Getting custom patches for letterman jackets is always a safe option for preventing all the hassle mentioned before. By contacting a reliable patch seller, you can actually save a lot of money.

Imagine collecting all the supplies. Most households do not encompass all the essentials which we stated earlier. Therefore, the patch manufacturing organizations like ours can prove budget-friendly.

Elegant Patches is well-known for offering customization of all sorts of patches or artworks. Hence, you can easily avail of the varsity letters or other numeric as well as alphabetic patches.

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Varsity jacket patches are well-recognized in terms of representing the identity of your school or college. Besides, you can proudly display your achievements on various parts of your jacket.

For designing these patches, you should accumulate the necessary equipment to avoid disturbance or delay during the making process.

A few of these supplies are a sewing or embroidery machine, cutting mat, stencil, ruler, pencil, temporary adhesive, and, most importantly, your letterman jacket.

First, you should determine how many types of patches your jacket requires. There are different placements for each patch; therefore, this is apt for finding out the dimensions.

Moreover, you have to work with the pattern by carving the layers, both top and bottom. Make sure the process usually requires the chenille fabric. The last step encompasses the embroidery.

Elegant Patches is always the safe design option to prevent you from buying all the supplies and spending time. However, if you are creative and passionate, you can try DIY.