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Great Ideas To Design Custom Made Patches

Great Ideas To Design Custom Made Patches

The popular trend of patches is back. Patches are a great way to personalize any kind of fabric. Patches are great to be used on jackets, backpacks or shirts, etc. Custom made patches allow you to customize them according to your taste. Let’s see how can you create custom made patches.

Think about the idea before starting to design your first-ever custom made patch, give a brief thought to an idea. How do you want it at the end? What is the purpose of your patch? Once you are done with these things now you can move forward with the other thing like colors, text, design, etc. Remember a great idea is always the first step towards a great ending.

1. Choose bold text:

Bold text and design are always preferable for patches as compare to fine and delicate text. It gets difficult to create small and fine text with a typical embroidery process. So try to choose the size of your text as thick and as big as possible. It will make your text more prominent and legible

2. Contrast is key:

Choose the colors in contrast for your patch. Contrasting colors always complement each other, which enhances the overall look of your patch. Some of the basic color contrast that works well are black and yellow, red and blue, black and white, and red and white. There could be so many other options as well; you only have to be creative for that.

3. Add a complimentary border:

A border gives a finished and defined look to your design by cutting off the loose threads at the edges. Adding a border that uses a color from the center of the design, will complement the overall patch. There are generally two types of borders laser-cut border and merrowed border. It depends on your design that which border looks great with it.

4. Simplicity is the key:

Keeping a design simple is always a great idea as it makes it more eye-catching. So whenever you design custom made patches do remember that simplicity is the key.

5. Choose a bigger patch:

Generally, there is no specific size of patch; it completely depends on your choice. If you have lots of details to add to your patch so try to choose a bigger size. Because the larger the patch size, the easier it would interpret the design in detail.

We hope this article gives you a great idea to start creating your custom made patches.