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Custom Chenille Patches vs. Screen Printing for Jackets

Custom Chenille Patches vs. Screen Printing for Jackets

Chenille patches vs. screen printing have become the term of heated debate when choosing the design option for jackets of any kind.

You might have seen both sorts of services available nearby your location but not sure which is the most beneficial for your outerwear.

The following guide will highlight the prime aspects of chenille custom patches as well as screen printing.

Customized Chenille Patches vs. Screen Printing for Your Jackets

The Availability

In terms of chenille patches vs screen printing on your jackets, the first essential point is their availability. You have to ponder on which service is easily accessible to your needs.

Chenille patches are prêt, which means you can buy the already-formed designs of these patches from various online or physical outlets.

However, in terms of personalization, it might require a little more time to submit the artwork and let the seller create the exact patch design. Moreover, not every seller offers this service.

For screen printing for jackets, you have to submit your outerwear for the design to happen. Nevertheless, if your jacket is waterproof, it might face challenges in bonding the ink to the fabric.

Another option is the screen-printed patches for jackets which you can either purchase via customization or go for the ready-made ones.

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Intricacy of Designs

Concerning chenille patches vs. screen printing, you can avail good complexity of artwork on your jacket; however, the latter wins in this perspective.

Screen printing for jackets uses inks, and you have the choice of a diversity of colors to create the perfect design outlook on your outerwear.

This kind of printing is quite helpful for uniform jackets to display the sports enthusiasm or to depict the vigor towards any sort of school team.

Besides, as we said, screen printing is good with the complications of various designs; therefore, you should not miss out on biker jackets.

The latter is the perfect opportunity for anyone to demonstrate their taste for sports clubs, favorite players, or short quotes, making them highly visible because biker jackets are for traveling or riding.

Chenille patches for jackets are quite common and are particularly preferred for varsity jackets. This gives you the advantage of digging into the prêt chenille variety for school apparel.

Doing at Home

Opting for either custom chenille patches or screen printing at home can create an array of obstacles for you; however, it depends on your interest and dedication.

Creating chenille embroidery at home will require you to buy a chenille/embroidery combo machine. It can create the output of your choice.

However, if you are not frequently using this machine to create chenille patches for jackets, you are enhancing your unwanted expenditure.

Investing money in the equipment and accessories for DIY patch-making demands recurrent usage in order to ensure efficiency in maintaining your budget.

Similar is the scenario with screen printing for jackets. You need supplies like design software, photo emulsion, 150-watt bulb, glass, etc, at home to do the successful printing.

Besides, you have to make sure which option is best for your time and budget efficiency because substitutes are always there in the form of patch manufacturers or screen printers.

We also serve our beloved customers with quality chenille patches with the esteemed opportunity of customization; therefore, you can consider us any time of the week.


In terms of chenille patches vs screen printing, the latter permits the versatility of fabrics. You can submit any outerwear fabric to relish the complexity of the screen-printed design.

The versatility is there in chenille patches, too. The sellers accept various sizes and shapes, basically, a huge range of dimensions to fulfill your jacket appearance needs.

Moreover, there are a multitude of backings for these patches. Like, you can consider Elegant Patches as an example. We provide sew-on and Velcro backing types for our patches.

The dynamics of details and colors is another enticing aspect to highlight in both these options for jackets.


The feature of longevity is highly necessary for both screen printing and chenille patches for jackets. However, it depends on the equipment or supplies used by the seller or service provider.

For this matter, your attention should incline more towards choosing a reliable source or company. The recommendations from friends or good reviews on the internet can sort out this problem.

Furthermore, your efforts on maintenance matter. Like the washing process can impact the long-lasting spec of both these options for your outerwear.

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Just like we mentioned earlier, we have the personalization service to create the exact flawless artwork on the patch. And with the dimensions of your choice.

You can either wear our patches on your sleeves, backside, or pockets of the jackets. This is because we can create the product size exactly as per your desire.

Other than chenille, we have sublimation patches for detailed logos and even for other meaningful purposes.


Screen printing or chenille patches both offer a particular range of perks to your jackets. Opting for any of these options is entirely up to you. However, it is best to signify yourself with some differences.

Screen printing is popular in terms of the intricacy of designs. This is because of the variety of colors and the ability to create details conveniently.

Speaking of chenille patches, they are soft and win in terms of availability in most areas of the USA, particularly when you are buying online from Elegant Patches.

There are also various backing types for patches, making them more personalized or durable to remain attached to your jacket.

However, the durability of colors and material of chenille patches or screen printing is very much dependent on the seller.