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What are Engraved Leather Patches?

What are Engraved Leather Patches?

You've probably heard of leather patches, but you must figure out what they are. Engraved Leather Patches are simple patches engraved on leather. They can be glued or stitched onto fabrics like garments and are frequently used to hide stains or holes.

Here, we'll see what are engraved leather patches and their uses.

What Are Leather Patches?

Various materials, including cowhide, pigskin, and deerskin, are used to make leather patches. Depending on the leather's quality, the price of the patch will change. Additionally, leather patches are dye able, allowing you to match the color of the patch to the color of the fabric or clothing.

Typically, Engraved Leather Patches outlast fabric ones in terms of durability. They are an excellent option for clothing that will experience wear and tear or that you plan to wear regularly. Before picking a leather patch over a cotton patch, remember that it can be trickier to sew into garments.

Custom Leather Patches are in various shapes and styles. Also, you can print and emboss them with names, logos, or brand names. These patches feature many attachment or backing options and add a customized touch to jackets, caps, backpacks, blankets, beanies, shirts, and more.

Thus, you can use customized leather patches to promote your business in the long term.

Uses For Leather Patches

Engraved Leather Patches can be applied in a variety of methods. They are useful to fix rips or tears in garments, hide stains, or give an item of clothing a unique touch. Additionally, you can make leather patch caps or come up with original presents.

For example, you may make a leather patch with the logo of your best sports team. Here are some of the Uses of Leather Patches you must know:

Leather Patches with Decoration

There are many different types of decorative leather patches available. They are typically available in those leather or fabric materials.

You can emboss, engrave, or embroider of message or quote on things. Even though there are different forms of ornamental patches, most people picture embroidery styles when they think of them.

Leather Patches For Jeans

Some people choose to sew leather patches onto their jeans. But this next practice is typically more of a decorative choice that appeals to the younger age. These patches typically feature a favorite rock band or location. Also, you can make Custom Patches as well on jeans and enhance your look.

Jackets with Leather Patches

The most popular leather jacket patches are those used by the military. These Engraved Leather Patches may include details like the wearer's surname, name, branch of service, and any special requirement an individual wants.

Car Seat Leather Patches

You can patch the leather seats in your car by a professional, but you can also do it yourself.

The essential thing to remember is that it will be easier overall to mend a tear if you do so sooner and when it is smaller. You'll need to invest in a leather repair kit and allot around an hour to finish the task.

How To Put Leather Patches On T-Shirts?

Here are a few ways to know if you want to use leather patches.

Heat Seal Backing

Applying patches is simple and effective using heat seal backing. However, the drawback of heat seal backing is that it is less strong and long-lasting than sewing. A heat seal might not be enough to prolong the life of your garment. Also, it is suitable if you want to do frequent washing or severe handling.

Stitch It On

This method of applying to garments is standard. Although they take longer and require more resources, they are the most reliable and effective way to install your patches.

To further add texture and style to your appliques, use differing colored yarn for the sewing line. Add an embroidered logo if you want the sewing to be undetectable.

Sew and Heat-Seal It

It will be fantastic if you stitch and apply heat to totally embroidered patches. The heat maintains the patch's consistency, form, and structure. The patch's lifespan increases by sewing, giving your branding and marketing another fresh element.

Sewing Applique Embroidery

Using an embroidery sewing machine will enable you to put your patch with a professional touch. It gives the impression that it is crucial for the article of clothing. It is perfect for athletic and performance clothing.


You can also attach the patches with glue. It is a much more convenient and time-saving way to attach the patches. You only need to put the glue where you want the patch and stick it on it. It is useful as a marketing strategy or for events. Also, you can remove this patch from the clothing without inflicting any harm.

These are some of the ways you should know about How to put Leather Patches on a T-shirt.

Enhance Your Business with Leather Patches

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