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How to put Leather Patches to a T-shirt or Caps?

How to put Leather Patches to a T-shirt or Caps

With custom patches coming back fast into style, there have been many different ways people have fashioned these tiny creative pieces using different types of materials. Not only do patches work exceptionally well with everyday wardrobe or accessories, but they also are rapidly becoming an excellent tool for marketing brands and businesses.

With the custom option open to the clients, they can get their brand's name, logo, or catchphrase designed onto a patch and have them sold at meager prices. Many a time, these brands hand out customized patches with their information on them as free samples to promote their company.

One such subcategory of patches that is steadily gaining popularity is custom leather patches. When associated with any brand, Leather patches can elevate the company's image and add a touch of elegance and taste. Custom leather patches provided they are of good quality and can boast of sophistication and class. And we at Elegant Patches strive for ingenuity when it comes to our products. Elegant Patches has always remained consistent in our promise to deliver quality with premium quality materials that come at a highly reasonable monetary value. And with our custom leather patches, it is no different.

Ways to Style Leather Patches

Amid multiple options, the best way to style your leather patch is by putting it either on your shirt or on your hat. Especially if you are promoting your business using custom leather patches, the t-shirt or the cap will give the best view. And when it comes to the attaching methods, there are multiple options offered at Elegant Patches. So that you can choose which one suits you the best. To give you an overview of the different ways regarding how to put leather patches to t-shirts or how to put leather patches to caps, below are listed some backings that we offer at Elegant Patches:

How to put Leather Patches to T-Shirts?

Are you are looking to amp up your outfit or promote a brand by using leather patches on your shirt? There are various methods through which you can attach the leather patch to your t-shirt. Some of them include:

Heat Seal Backing

The leather patches, which can be heat-pressed onto a t-shirt, come with special baking coated in sealant. The way to go about it is by placing the leather patch on the desired area of the t-shirt. Afterward, placing an additional layer of cloth for added protection of the leather patch. Finally, pressing a hot iron on top. You will have to hold the iron firmly on top for a couple of seconds in order to allow the glue to melt into the fabric. This will help the patch attach securely to the t-shirt.

Sewing the Patch on

Traditionally, sewing on the leather patch is the most common way of applying a patch onto a t-shirt. It might be more time-consuming than heat pressing the patch on. However, if you attach your custom leather patch this way, the likelihood of the patch lasting a long time increases tremendously. And if you buy your custom leather patch from an established company that provides good quality patches. Then your leather patch will be able to withstand quite a number of washes without getting damaged.

Applique sewing

Another way pertaining to how to put a leather patch to a t-shirt is by using an embroidery sewing machine. Since it is a machine, the stitches will be much more precise and refined. Also, the leather patch will look like a part of your t-shirt instead of something attached later on. Not only that, but with applique sewing, the leather patch would be durable and sturdy. Thus, it will certainly last longer than a heat-pressed patch.

Amongst the various ways covering how to put a leather patch to a t-shirt, those mentioned above are some of the most utilized and resilient methods.

How to put Leather Patch to Caps

The methods of attaching leather patches to caps do not differ much comparatively. However, since the type of surface might be different, the adherence of the patches will most definitely differ. Below listed are some of the ways how to put leather patches to caps:

Using a Hot Iron

The method is somewhat the same, consisting of placing the patch on the proper area of the cap, adding a layer of another cloth for protection. Then pressing and holding a hot iron for a couple of seconds. The main issue with this process is that since the shape of the cap is curved, it is possible that the leather patch will not attach perfectly. So, if you are using this method, be warned that the patch will be susceptible to falling off at any given time.

Sewing it on

Sewing the patch on will ensure that the patch does not fall off. However, as mentioned above, this method takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, if you are not a professional with the needle, attaching the leather patch will not be an easy task, and the results might end up being disappointing. The best approach would be to either hire a professional. Else, you can buy from a company like Elegant Patches, which provides the attaching service along with premium quality custom leather patches.

Using Glue

Gluing the leather patch to the cap is probably the easiest way out of the three. And it does not require much effort or technique either. All you need is some fabric glue or a hot glue gun, and you are good to go.

Though it might be the easiest way pertaining how to put leather patches to cap, however, it has its drawbacks. The foremost is that the glue will most certainly weaken the caps and the patch’s fabric over time.

In Conclusion…

There are as many creative options in custom patches as ways to attach them to the desired garment. However, by far the longest-lasting is sewing it on. That is, if you do not mind the commitment. If you are hot looking for something permanent, a heat-pressed leather patch is the way to go. And we at Elegant Patches come equipped with every type of backing you might need.