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Many Uses of Versatile and Unique Leather Patches

Many Uses of Versatile and Unique Leather Patches

If you're looking for a way to promote your business or showcase pride for something you're a part of, leather patches are a fantastic solution.

Nothing looks classier than a fine leather patch etched on clothing or accessories. Custom leather patches can be made in any design and pattern. These can easily be sewn on, ironed on, or Velcro-ed to different fabrics, bringing your passion and dedication to life in a fun and stylish way.

Why Choose Leather Patches?

There are various ways you can customize a jacket or bag or cap for merchandising, but the question is: will that last?

Direct prints tend to fade away or peel quickly, whereas leather patches are made to stay. You can get all shapes and sizes of unique leather patches to advertise your brand—and not have to worry about whether a few uses will wear it down. Made out of one of the highest quality clothing materials you'll find—i.e., leather—these custom patches are finished with precision for a lasting, elevating look on any garment.

Plus, leather patches are the most reasonable option for a limited budget branding. Place an order for custom leather patch as a fashion-forward way of promoting your brand at a great price.

What Can You Use Leather Patches For?

There are limitless ways of using unique leather patches. You can adorn different types of wearable fashion with these patches for a multitude of purposes. Here are some cool ideas:

1. Patches For Hats & Caps

Why not provide a patch to your customers to help them show off their hobbies or memberships with your brand?

Sporting events, scouts groups, woodworking associations, a favorite hometown brewery & cellar, and more—where there’s a passion, there’s a patch that can be made to show it. Leather patches for hats and caps can be small or large, simply shape or complex cut…the choice is yours.

2. Patches For Jackets

Leather patches and jackets are a match made in heaven. Nothing elevates the look of a plain leather jacket more than a customized leather patch. The use of leather patches for jackets started out as a way to mark military outerwear, showing the wearer's last name, unit/branch, and deployment details.

Furthermore, leather patches are also used to showcase any organization or club. You can gift these to members who sign up or use as giveaways at a promotional event.

Tip: You can apply unique leather patches to your favorite jacket, which has been torn. So you don’t need to forego it instead, patch it up and wear it with pride!

3. Patches For Jeans

Personalizing jeans is a trend adopted primarily by the younger generation. Leather patches for jeans are a great idea to promote a band or club. When it comes to bottoms, leather patches work best in smaller sizes since these are usually placed on belt loops or back pockets. You can order leather patches in sew-on and stick-on variety for ease.

4. Patches For Bags

A detailed logo or artwork on leather for totes, handbags, or backpacks—how chic does that sound?

Build your brand by ordering unique leather patches for your customers. Self-adhesive or plain (sew-on) patches are best suited for bags. These could simply feature your logo, or be designed more specifically as a memento for an event or milestone/anniversary.

Leather patches for bags can also be designed for organizations and academic club members. These are a nice way to create sense of belonging and serve as a lasting keepsake.

5. Patches For Shoes

There are two ways you can use leather patches for shoes: for branding and for decorative purposes.

The one problem with adding a logo on a shoe the traditional way is that it rubs off fast, whether it’s inside the shoes or on the sole. The best way to let your customers show off their latest kick is—you guessed it—to patch them. Logo leather patches subtly add a personalized touch to any footwear.

Leather patches can also be crafted into unique designs for decorating shoes. Upscaling is the latest rage now, a way for people to channel their creativity and commit to sustainable fashion. Unique leather patches seamlessly transform any plain dull piece of footwear into wearable art!

6. Patches For Shirts

Custom shirts are an aesthetic way to advertise and promote your business, team, or corporate event. These invoke a feeling of team spirit and community. You can order your custom leather patches in any color, design, and size for T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts.

Since shirts are washed often, adding a leather patch with care and consideration to details is the key to durability. Find out more about how to put leather patches to a t-shirt or caps.

7. Patches for Uniforms

Lastly, patches are a great way of adding your brand to your employees' shirts, jackets, caps, and bags. It's a more versatile and cost-effective way of branding company-related articles than getting a pre-sewn logo on uniforms, especially if you intend to re-design the logo in near future. Leather patches are a simple, way of promoting your business, making these suitable for uniforms for any business in any sector.

Patch It Up!

There you go—a variety of objects you can get your custom patches designed for any occasion or purpose. If you're looking to get personalized leather patches, there's no better choice than Elegant Patches.

We offer a full-scale service for leather patch design. Our patches are materialized from premium quality leather, made to look great and last long—at reasonable pricing!

Start off by communicating your ideas with our team. Choose how you want your patch to look. We can convert any pattern into a patch design. Our technology is top-of-the-line; from the depth of color to finishing edges, each element of your order of leather patches will be handled with care and perfected to your expectations.

Sounds great? What are you waiting for—get started today! Elegant Patches offers quick feedback for any queries and equally efficient design and delivery for your order.

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