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Unique Uses of Letterman Jacket Patches

Unique Uses of Letterman Jacket Patches

The fuzzy part of a letterman jacket that displays the name, logo, and number of the wearer—that's a chenille patch. We're all very familiar with letterman jackets and the patches they showcase. What many do not know is that these are custom letterman patches, usually separately made and then attached to the jacket. That means you can use them on other things besides letterman jackets.

Awesome Uses Of Letterman Jacket Patches (Other Than Jackets!)

How about it? For many, letterman jackets are cherished pieces. The patches embellished on them represent a certain pride. Using letterman jacket patches on other things is a great way to decorate, showcase pride, and even create a gift for someone.

Let’s get to it. Here are some innovative uses of letterman jacket patches.

1. Showcase It On Your Bag

If you want a chic and practical way of showcasing a letterman jacket patch, how about a backpack?

Patches are no strangers to backpacks. These, alongside enamel pins, are a favorite way to express opinions and showcase support for teams, clubs, or even a cause. Therefore, letterman jacket patches should fit in just fine.

Much styling jackets with chenille letter patches, creating bag patches is easy, as the variety of color combinations is endless. Of course, a white or black bag will make an amazing background for letterman patches.

One thing you should keep in mind while considering the uses of letterman jacket patches for your bag is that only certain kinds of bag work for this. Other than a backpack, you can also attach a letterman patch to your briefcase. However, totes, cross-body bags, and many hand-carry bags are well off with smaller embroidered patches or enamel pins, not chenille patches.

The ideal way to attach a letterman jacket patch to a bag is to sew it on. You can DIY the sew-on process yourself or get the patch professionally stitched for better durability. You can also use Velcro, though that is ideally suited for smaller patches (read Iron-On Vs. Velcro Chenille Patches to learn more).

2. Use For Celebrations & Festive Decor

You've got your banners and cardboard cutouts for birthdays, Halloween, and New Year's celebrations, so why not chenille patches too? Given the fact that chenille patches are typically larger and very vibrant, these will look terrific adorning your walls at your festivities!

For example, the uses of letterman jacket patches are a considerate option if you are throwing a sports-themed birthday party. Get the player number, name, and symbol of the birthday boy or girl's favorite player or team etched on a nice letterman patch, and you've got yourself a great decoration piece!

If you’re not sure how to turn your artwork into custom chenille patches, you can always ask for more information before placing an order.

When decorating with letterman jacket patches, make sure to keep the design simple and the color combination limited. The charm of chenille patches comes from their subtlety. Unlike custom embroidered patches, less is more with chenille patches.

Looking To Buy Custom Letterman Jacket Patches Online?

Contact customer service at Elegant Patches for information or request a free quote for custom chenille patches for letterman jackets. We’ll get back to you shortly!

3. Create A Graduation Banner Or Shadow Box

With the end of school or college approaching fast, many works on some kind of memento for themselves or their friends and family. A varsity jacket is an incredible keepsake. Only when you want to showcase it on your banner or shadow box you can't take the entire jacket or even a part of it.

So how about you replicate the letterman jacket patch and use it for the art project? One of the best uses of letterman jacket patches is that you can create a cherished keepsake out of it, a reminder of the happy times!

Whether yours is for your team, band, or club, you can get a copy for your graduation memorabilia artwork. Make sure to get the right size. Original varsity patches are quite large and unlikely to fit comfortably on your frame or banner. And when it comes to choosing a backing, you can go for unbacked (sew-on) patches or iron-on patches—it depends on the surface you’ll be putting the patch on. Learn How To Iron-On Chenille Patches here.

4. DIY Quilt-Making Project With Patches

If quilt-making is one of your hobbies, then you know how fast ideas run out. Some like creating quilts with patches of different cloths sewn together. Others like a little embroidery here and there. And some turn to custom patches.

As a matter of fact, chenille patches and quilts have a long history together. One of the facts about chenille patches is that textile manufacturers around the world to adorn quilts and bedspreads with beautiful designs use these. So, if you want to incorporate a letterman jacket patch –which is made out of chenille—into your DIY quilt, then you’re on the right track.

A quilt is one of the perfect uses of letterman jacket patches if bold and beautiful designs are the general theme of the bedroom. You can also make a quilt etched with letterman patches for anyone who likes decorating their room with team or club memorabilia—dedicating their quilt to their passion.

5. Get Em’ For Personalized Cushions & Pillows

Did your team rank first in the state? Did you win the title of the best player this year? Do you want a special way to preserve a memento of the special occasion? Then do so by getting custom letterman jacket patches for your cushions!

Cushions and pillows are an ages-old way to show appreciation for something or someone. You've got your cushions for the best mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparent, and so on. You've got holiday-themed cushions that you can put forward as festive décor.

In short, cushions are a versatile way of showcasing your love and enthusiasm for something, so why not make this one of the uses of letterman jacket patches?

You can do this as a personal project, or—as a leader of the club or team—you can get letterman patches cushion covers as end-of-era gifts for the members. Wondering how to apply chenille patches? Order a batch of patches and attach them yourself by stitching or ironing (depending on the backing you choose). Alternatively, you can get these patches pre-sewn on your cushion covers to save time and effort.

An Endless Array of Colors & Designs Await You!

This is a brief list of uses of letterman jacket patches. You can find many other ways to use chenille patches for yourself or as a gift.

If you’re looking to order high-quality and long-lasting letterman jacket patches, Elegant Patches is the way to go. Order custom patches online today at reasonable rates and a no-minimum order limit!